What sport has balls and clubs?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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The sport of golf uses balls and clubs.

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Q: What sport has balls and clubs?
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What sport does the company Taylormade Clubs sell for?

Taylormade Clubs are a brand of golf clubs and are used for the sport of golf. Taylormade offers a very wide range of drivers, rescues, irons, wedges and putters as well as golf balls and other golfing accessories.

What sport is a Callaway Heavenwood used for?

A Callaway Heavenwood is a club that used in the sport 'Golf'. Golf is a precision club and ball sport in wich golfers use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes.

What sport does the company 'Schwetty Balls' offer products for?

Schwetty Balls' offer products to golf clubs. To display the sign offering 'Schwetty Balls' draws attention and attracts more players. It is a big draw card as celebrities and sportsmen enjoy playing with the balls.

What is Wade Pahi's hobbie?

these are some of your clues!!!!! tournaments clubs/sticks balls holes with flags one glove and Michael Campbell plays this sport

Is a youth club a sport club?

Youth clubs are not sport clubs, but there should be sports available at a decent club e.g. table tennis

What eqipment is for golf?

Clubs, balls, tees and a bag.

When did disco balls first begin appearing in dance clubs?

Disco balls first began appearing in dance clubs in the 1970's they ruled dance clubs and provided a spectacle of whirling lights as people hit the dance floor. These disco balls or "mirror balls" date right back to the early 20th century.

What sport has 4 letters and is played with clubs and starts with a tee?

The sport is golf.

What happens when sport clubs are too violent?


Were there sport clubs for kids in the 90s?

I think so

What types of items does the Bridge and Golf Gifts website sell?

The online webstore of Bridgestone Golf sells all a variety of supplies you need to play the sport of golf. It sells different balls and clubs to use.

In which sport do red and yellow balls oppose blue and black balls?