What sport has a round field?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Australian Football

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Q: What sport has a round field?
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What sport is played on a field with a round goal?


What is a shot in shot put?

the shot put is a round heavy ball that ranges from 8lbs for girls and 12 lbs for boys . most played as a field even in track and field .. and this is a great sport (to me )

Why is there capioncips in field hockey?

field hockey is an indoor sport and a outdoor sport

Is hockey a year round sport?

yes it is a round

What sport was included in the Olympics in 1964 with a round ball?

In the 1964 Olympics, baseball was a demonstration sport. The United States played one game versus Japan.Basketball, soccer, water polo, field hockey and volleyball were the other round ball sports played during the 1964 Olympics.

Which sport is the fasted field sport?


In which sport is there a york round?


Does every sport or team have there own field or stadium?

If it is for the school's sport team, not all have their own field or stadium.

Is basejumping a field sport?

officially, no. But if you take into account several things, you could consider it a field sport, yes.

A sport that uses a round net?


National sport Pakistan?

The national sport is field hockey, but the most popular sport is cricket

Is a javelot a sport?

Yes, Javelin is a sport. It is a track and field event.