What sport does Ken Warby play?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Ken Warby is an Australian motorboat racer.

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Q: What sport does Ken Warby play?
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When was Ken Warby born?

Ken Warby was born in 1939.

Who is the Fastest man on water?

Ken Warby

Who was ken Warby?

Ken Warby holds the current World Water Speed Record (WWSR) at 317.6 mph, set in 1978. He is Austrailian in origin. The boat, Spirt of Austrailia, was a jet powered hydroplane.

What sport does Ken Doherty play?

Snooker. He was the World Champion in 1997.

What is Clavy-Warby's population?

The population of Clavy-Warby is 351.

How fast is the world's fastest boat?

On 20 November 1977, Ken Warby run 317.60 mph in his boat, Spirit of Australia. This record has yet to be broken.

What is the area of Clavy-Warby?

The area of Clavy-Warby is 11.78 square kilometers.

When was Ed Warby born?

Ed Warby was born on 1968-03-07.

How fast are the worlds fastest boats?

The World Water Speed record was set by Ken Warby (average 317.60 mph) in a jet-powered hydroplane, the "Spirit of Australia."

When was Warby Range State Park created?

Warby Range State Park was created in 1978.

When was Warby-Ovens National Park created?

Warby-Ovens National Park was created in 2009.

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