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a lot of sport but most likey soccer

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Q: What sport do you use your thigh in?
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How do you use the word thigh in a sentence?

May I touch your thigh

What is the anatomical name for the thigh?

The thigh could have many anatomical names. The thigh is lateral. The thigh is inferior to the head. The thigh is superficial to the gluteus minimus. It all depends on how you are trying to use it.

How do you use thigh in a sentence?

I can't participate in athletics today because my thigh hurts.

How would you use thigh in a sentence?

In human anatomy, the thigh is the area of the lower extremity between the knee and the pelvis.

What is the most dangereuse sport in the world?

The most dangerous sport to me is baseball because the pitchers throw the balls really fast and if you are not paying attention you might get hit in some places you do not want to get hit in. I've played softball for four years and I have had fun playing it but, one time i got hit in the thigh and had to sit out until my thigh felt better. Next, year I am going to play in February and I am going to try not to get hit in my thigh again. This is why I think baseball is a dangerous sport.

What can an adult use for a rash on your thigh?

coco butter.

What muscles do you use in an arabesque?

When doing an arabesque it is important to use the following muscles: -Abdomen -Standing Leg thigh -Back -Inner Thigh (Lifted Leg)

What body part use in measuring?

the bones they use are the leg the thigh and the spine.

How do you use magnifying glass on door 22?

use it on the right tigers thigh, there will be a code there

What sport would be best to use your quadriceps?

The quadriceps is one of the large muscles in your thigh, so any sport that involves a lot of running would be good for using your quadriceps. Examples would include track and field events, football (soccer or American football or Aussie Rules), rugby, etc.

In which sport would you use a chucker?

You would use a chucker in the sport of cricket.

What are the main muscles you should use when manual handling?

thigh muscles

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