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Q: What sport do you use your pivot joints?
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What joints do gymnasts use while performing?

Gymnasts use saddle, pivot, and ball-and-socket joints while performing.

What type of joints are the radius and ulna?

Synovial pivot joint

What muscles and joints are involved in diving?

The hamstrings and gluteous maximus are main muscles involved in diving and the pivot joints on your knee are the main joints you use.

What types of pivot joints are there in your body?

There are not two types of pivot joints, there are two pivot joints: one between the atlas and the axis of the of the cervical vertebrae, the second is in the elbows between the radius in the ulna.

What sport do you use the pivot joint in?

Generating power for a header in soccer, this uses the pivot joints in the Cervical (top of the neck)

Which joints are not found in the hands or wrist?


What are joints in skeletal system?

Ball an socket, pivot, hinge, and gliding joints.

What sport do you use the pivot joint in your neck for?

any sport that you need to turn your head for it so i think all of them =L

What are 4 types of movable joints in the skeleton?

The four movable joints are- 1. Ball and Socket joint(between humerus and pectoral girdle) 2. Hinge joint(Knee joint) 3. Pivot joint(between atlas and axis) 4. Gliding joint(between carpals).The four kinds of movable joints are hinge joint, ball-and-socket joint, pivot joint ,and gliding joint.~ A. K. =)four types of movable joints are hinge joint , ball-and-socket joint , pivot joint , and gliding joint.Ball-and-socket, Hinge, Pivot, and Gliding joints.The four types of the movable joints are the ball and socket joint, hinge joint, pivot joint, and gliding joint.

What joint on a horse is pivot of action?

Pivot joints in horses include their head and their hips. This joints allow them to rotate without endangering themselves in the process.

What is the name of the type of the joint found in the toes?

Hinge joints, ball-and-socket joints, ellipsoid joints, saddle joints and pivot joints.

Why is the name pivot given for pivot joints?

Pivot means to turn. A dancer can turn on 1 foot. You can turn on your foot look behind you. Your pivot joints is between the first and second cervical vertebrae (neck). This joint allows you to turn your head.