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this answer is from the question of DreamWorld : the wiseman. te answer is: Cricket

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Q: What sport do the terms pull and lolly belong to?
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What does it mean to have pull in slang terms?

If you have pull, you have influence with a higher power.

What is the meaning of the term 'pull out'?

The term "pull out" means to withdraw from something. For example, in the sport of tennis, a player can "pull out" of a tournament because of injury.

What does force mean in science terms?

a push or a pull

How many terms did President Lincoln pull before his assignation?


How do you turn your highbeams off in my 2002 dodge neon sport?

pull down on the lever. and twist.

Is stretching important?

Because it warms your muscles up before you do a sport so you do not pull a muscle.

How do you turn on fog lights 2005 sport trac?

I believe you pull the headlight switch towards you

When do you use a force?

In simplest terms, a force occurs when you push or pull an object.

How do you turn on high beams on 94 jeep Cherokee sport?

pull the turn signal lever toward you.

How do you tongue a guy?

kay so you stick your hand in his mouth and pull his tounge out, then you put a lolly pop on it to make it taste good. then you make a cat bite it then you bang it. then you put it back in his mouth but make sure there's HAIR ON IT!

When you pull up to stop at a light your montero sport jumps alittle you are not leaking fluid and it seems to drive ok what could be the prob?

when i pull up to a red light my montero sport jumps alittle, it doesnt do it all the time and i am not leaking trans fluid. What could be the problem?

Another word for force?

Another word for force is gravitational pull in space terms.