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Q: What sport do girls enjoy more soccer or cheerleading?
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Related questions

What sport for girls is so popular in middle school?

soccer ,softball,cheerleading,and or ping pong

What is harder soccer or cheerleading?

Cheerleading and Soccer are both very difficult sports. They both require a lot of stamina and skill. Cheerleading is more extreme and dangerous than soccer. But, there is no true way to determine if a sport is "harder" than another

What the best sport for girls to do?

Girls can play most sports. Girls can play any sports they want, just depending on what you like. I personally like soccer and cheerleading. Basketball, track, and softball are fun also.

What sports to cheerleaders cheer for?

cheerleading sports mainly constist of football, basketball, comp. cheerleading, sometimes soccer and wrestiling.....pretty much any sport can have cheerleaders for them.......... CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT, YOU DONT SEE FOOTBALL IN THE OLIMPICS AND THAT IS A SPORT SO HA!!!!

What is the most popular girls sport in America?


What does cheerleading mean?

a sport that lots of girls love to do and a very energetic sport AND IS NOT ONLY FOR GIRLY GIRLS!!!!! it is for every one and is fun

What is the Most popular sport in US by participation?

It would probably be soccer, it is a VERY common sport and many people enjoy it. I play soccer and I also enjoy it.

What are sports for girls?

Soccer is a girls sport

What sport has twoof the same letters in it?

Soccer,football,gymnastics,cheerleading and much more

When did guys first get involved with cheerleading?

When cheerleading first started, it was by a boy. therefore, boys and girls were partaking in the sport. When it started.

Is cheerleading concidered a sport?

To some people yes, cheerleading is considered a sport. Especially by athletes, parents, and coaches. However to others, who keep outdated stereotypes alive, cheerleading is a bunch of peppy girls shouting "go team go!"

How many people enjoy the sport of soccer?


Why is cheerleading an amatuer sport?

Cheerleading is NOT an amateur sport, but everyone thinks it is. People probably think this because only girls participate in this sport most of the time. But the truth is, cheerleading is much harder than most sports. Like I say, "athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift athletes."

Is girls soccer good or not?

totally girls soccer rocks! some times the girls get an attitude but other than that its an awsome sport!

Does the ihsa count cheerleading as a sport?

Cheerleading is a sport bottom line.

How come soccer is a popular sport?

Because most girls don't like soccer as much as boys and nearly all boys like soccer. And that's why soccer is a popular sport.

What is Shakira's favorite sport?

belly dancing,gymnastics,cheerleading,she would like to play soccer.

What sport do most girls participate in Mexico?


What is the most common sport for girls in the world?

The common sport in the world is Futbol (Soccer).

Why do girls 12 like soccer?

Girls like soccer because it is a fun sport, they get to make new friends, and get plenty of exercise.

Is cheerleading a sport or physical activity?

Both. Sideline cheerleading (the cheering you see at football and basketball games) is NOT a sport. It is a physical activity then. Competition cheerleading (strictly cheerleading competitions, self explanatory) is a sport in that setting.

How many schools have cheerleading as a sport?

There are thousands of schools across the country that have cheerleading, but very few consider it a sport. 17 of 50 states consider cheerleading a sport

What is the most common hobby?

I would say that the most popular sport for guys is Football, and the most common sport for girls is Cheerleading/Gymnastics/Dancing.

How can any sane person call cheerleading a sport?

The definition of 'sport' is: "A physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively." Cheerleading is a physical activity, cheerleading is governed by a set of rules, and cheerleading is competitive. Therfefore, cheerleading is a sport.

Is all-star cheerleading a sport?

Yes it is..all cheerleading is a sport :) <3

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