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FOOTBALL... Usaually its The Detroit Lions play someone. And The Dallas Cowboys play someone

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Q: What sport do Many people watch on Thanksgiving?
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What sport do many people watch after Thanksgiving?

The sport is football, especially the NFL.

Which sport to many Americans watch on TV on Thanksgiving Day?

American Football

How many people watch UFC?

Over 9000,000,0000 people watch the sport it's that popular

How many people watch soccer in Mexico?

There is not statistics on how many people watch soccer in Mexico. It is estimated that millions of people watch the sport annually.

Why do many people love to watch sport?

they have their own reasons

Why is sport a part of the socio-economics of a country?

People like to watch and participate in sports. Equipment for the sport is sold, tickets to watch the sport are sold, and many people are employed as a result of sports.

How many people watch sport on Television?

Infinitly people watch sports because sports bring wining spirit to the people.

What do many people do on the day after thanksgiving?

shop sleep eat leftovers watch football clean up

What is a popular sport many watch on thanksgiving day?

Of course it depends on the country. But in America during the past century, it has become a custom to watch football-- high school football is especially popular in many cities. And these days, there are also National Football League (professional) games that are played on Thanksgiving.

How many people watch sport on TV in Australia?

60 percent of the people, in Australia, watch sports on television. The most popular sport watch is soccer. World Cup soccer has the highest ratings of any sports.

How many Americans watch football on thanksgiving?

87 million

Why do people need baseball?

Many people make money bacause of it. It's also a great sport to watch.

Why do people watch football?

There are many reasons for why people watch (American) football. Americans in particular watch football because it can be a tradition for some families. Others simply enjoy the sport and watch the game.

About how many people watch soccer in the US?

Not that many because it is not broadcasted a lot. football is the most watched sport.

How many people celebrated the first Thanksgiving?

about 140 people celebrated the first thanksgiving

How many people attended to the first Thanksgiving?

19 people attended to the first thanksgiving.

Who watches bowling?

A "good" bowler will watch other bowlers practice to prepare for league games. Many people watch bowling. From people who are fans of the sport to those who just enjoy watching the best at their sport compete.

About how many people attended the first Thanksgiving?

There were about one hundred and forty people at the first Thanksgiving.

How many people will fly on airplanes in the US for the Thanksgiving holiday?

alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!! alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!! alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!!

What is a larger sport soccer or basketball?

Basket Ball Because Many People watch soccer but more play Basketball.

What is the more popular sport in the UK football or fishing?

It depends upon how you define 'popular': judged by the number of people who watch the sport, the answer would be football. Conversely, if you judged popularity by how many people actively paticipate in the sport, the correct answer would be fishing!

How many guests were at the first Thanksgiving?

There where 140 people at the first Thanksgiving, which lasted three days.

28 stdents 23 like to watch basketball also 15 like to watch baseball twelve in the class like to watch both sports how many people in the class do not like to watch either sport?


How many people want cheerleading to be a sport?

it is a sport

How many people don't celebrate thanksgiving?