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Pickleball originated from tennis and Badminton.

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Q: What sport did pickle ball originate from?
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Is pickle ball an olympic sport?


Is pickle ball a real sport?


What is pickle ball?

Well pickle ball is a fun sport you can play signal or doubles its a little like tennis and badminton

Is basketball the easiest sport to play?

No it is not I personally believe it is pickle ball but that is just my opinion.

What Is The Equipment for Pickle Ball?

Paddle, Net, Pickle Ball, Its Like Tennis

Who is the inventor of pickle ball?

Mr. Pickle himself

When did then pickle ball started?

I believe pickle ball started in Washington State in 1965.

Where did the sport baseball originate from?

It is believed that baseball is a variation from bat-and-ball games such as cricket.

Is pickle ball ever played in the Olympics?

No. Pickleball has not been contested in the Olympics nor is it a recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee.

How big is a pickle ball court?

A pickle ball court is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long

What are facts about pickle ball?

the Game of Pickle-ball was created by Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell in the summer of 1965 when they noticed that their dog "Pickle" ran off with the ball all of the time they decided to name their game after him.

What is pickel ball?

pickle ball is a game that you use a racket and a ball plus a net about 1 feet tall you play the game like table tennis(ping pong), and the rules are basically the same.In this game, you play on the ground, and if the ball bounces twice on your area, then your opponent gets a point. The game was originated in a kid's backyard.The family's dog, pickle, would always steal the ball, so the family has to kep shouting: Pickle, ball, pickle, ball, pickle, ball. Soon, it became a game known as pickle-ball.^^ check it out --->

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