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Q: What sport did Tony DiNozzo play in college?
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What did team did NCIS agent Tony DiNozzo play for in college?

He played for the OSU Buckeyes.

Who does Micheal Weatherly play in ncis?

Tony Dinozzo

What actors play Zeva and Tony on NCIS?

Michael Weatherly plays Tony DiNozzo, and Cote de Pablo plays Ziva David.

Can an illegal immigrant play a sport in college?

They cannot because to play a sport in college you have to go to a college, which illegal immigrants cannot do.

How do you enter to play in a college sport?

Go to college

Do you have to play a sport to get into college?

No way

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What sport did Martin Luther King play in college?

football in college

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What is it called to play a sport in college?

Varsity Athletics.

What sport did mike greenberg play in college?


What sport does Tony Romo play?

Tony Romo plays American football. He is currently the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

What college football team did Tony Dungy play for?

Tony Dungy attended the University of Minnesota.

What is the most popular sport college students play?


Do you need to attend college to play the sport professionally?

yes you can

What sport did Martha play at Mount Sebastian College?


Can you play more than one sport in college?


Where did Tony Dungy play college football?

Tony Dungy was a quarterback for the University of Minnesota from 1973 to 1976.

What college did NBA player Tony Wroten play for?

NBA player Tony Wroten played for Washington.

What college did NFL player Tony Jefferson play for?

NFL player Tony Jefferson played for Oklahoma.

What college did NFL player Tony Moeaki play for?

NFL player Tony Moeaki played for Iowa.

What college did NFL player Tony Fiammetta play for?

NFL player Tony Fiammetta played for Syracuse.

What college did NFL player Tony Bergstrom play for?

NFL player Tony Bergstrom played for Utah.

What college did NFL player Tony McDaniel play for?

NFL player Tony McDaniel played for Tennessee.

Can a college player play another sport after playing four years of one sport?