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Richie Benaud comemtates in cricket. He last comemtated in the Ashes of 2005.

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Q: What sport did Richie benaud comentate?
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How tall is Richie Benaud?

Richie Benaud is 6'.

What is the birth name of Richie Benaud?

Richie Benaud's birth name is Benaud, Richard.

What is Richie Benaud's birthday?

Richie Benaud was born on October 6, 1930.

When was Richie Benaud born?

Richie Benaud was born on October 6, 1930.

In which sport was Richie Benaud a champion?

Richard "Richie" Benaud OBE (born October 6, 1930 in Penrith, New South Wales) is an Australian former cricketer who, since his retirement from international cricket in 1964, has become a highly regarded commentator on the game. from Cookie

How old is Richie Benaud?

Richard "Richie" Benaud was 84 years old when he died on April 10, 2015 (birthdate: October 6, 1930).

What nicknames does Richie McCaw go by?

Richie Benaud goes by The voice of cricket.

What are the ratings and certificates for Richie Benaud's Greatest XI - 2004 V?

Richie Benaud's Greatest XI - 2004 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

Did Richie Benaud play cricket as a kid?


Did the cricket commentator Richie Benaud ever use the word Paki?

yes he did

First Australian to reach 2000 runs and 2000 wickets?

Richie Benaud first to reach 2000 runs and 200 wickets.

When was John Benaud born?

John Benaud was born in 1944.