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Basketball and Baseball

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Q: What sport did Michael Jordan play?
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Related questions

What sport did Michael Jordan play during his first retirement?

Michael Jordan's first retirement was from the sport of professional basketball.

Michael Jordan now plays basketball on what team?

Michael Jordan does not currently play, as he is the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. He does play golf as a hobby on his spare time, but he does not play professionally in any sport.

What sport did Michael Jordan play after basketball?

Michael Jordan never played another sport after basketball professionally. But he did do videos on how to play basketball, he mainly taught his son Marcus after retiring. MJ is the god basketball

Who was the first underclassman to leave college and play a major pro sport?

Michael Jordan

What other sport did Michael Jordan play besides basketball?

Baseball, for the White Sox.

What was the first sport Michael Jordan played?

I think the first sport Michael Jordan played was basketball to be exact.

Did Michael Jordan play any other sport than basketball?

He had a short lived career in baseball

What is Michael Jordan's favorite sport?

basketball duuu

Why does Michael Jordan play golf?

Michael Jordan plays golf generally because he has retired from Basketball and Baseball, and that golf seems like a laid-back sport for him. Lots of retired athletes play golf as well like Charles Barkley.

What is Michael Jordan's favorite sport?

it is golf

Which sport did Michael Jordan try after doing basketball?

Michael Jordan played baseball because his dad loved baseball

When did Michael Jordan play for the wizards?

Yes Michael Jordan did play the Wizards he was number 23 NOT the bulls he was the same number for both.

Were does Michael Jordan's play basketball?

Michael Jordan currently doesn't play basketball due to the fact that he is retired.

What was Michael Jordan's favorite sport as a child?


Who were the big sport heroes in 1998?

Michael Jordan!

Why did Michael Jordan want to play?

Michael Jordan wanted to play because he has tons of fans and he wants more and more.

What teams did Michael Jordan play on from when he was young?

michael jordan played for the bulls and for the tigers

Did Michael Jordan play for the sixers?

No, Michael Jordan only played for the Bulls and Wizards.

How many years did Michael Jordan play?

michael jordan played 19 years

What sport did Jordan play after basketball?

Michael Jordan retired from basketball after his father's death. He went on to go try baseball because it was his dad's dream for him. However, eventually he went back to basketball.

What other professional sport did Michael Jordan try?


How was Michael Jordan a good sport?

he cooperated wth his team

Did Michael Jordan play for?

No. Jordan never played for the Lakers.

Does Michael Jordan play anymore?

Michael Jordan does not play professional basketball any longer. He is the chairman and principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Did Ron artest ever play with Michael Jordan?

no he did not play a game with Michael Jordan. Michael Retired in 1999 then came back again but with the wizards and officially Retired in 2001.