What sport did John Terry become famous?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Q: What sport did John Terry become famous?
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Who is the most popular woman is sport?

john terry

Which sport is John Bertram famous for?

He is famous for football

What famous soccer player wear the 26?

john terry

What sport was john bertram famous for?


Famous people from barking and dagenham?

John terry Bobby Moore

Why is john terry the football player famous?

because hes a football player....

Which famous soccer player has worn the jersey number 26?

John terry, ledley king and Bendtner :p

How did John Glenn become famous?


A famous athlete with a last name that starts with a t?

John Terry? (A Chelsea and England centre-back)

Who are the famous soccer players that suffer from asthma?

David Beckham is one and i think John terry does also

What famous soccer player wears 26?

John Terry captain of Chelsea in the English Premier League

What size of boots does john terry have?