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Daley Thompson took part in the decathlon. This sport is a combination of ten Track and Field events.

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Q: What sport did Daley Thompson take part in?
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How many Olympics did daley Thompson take part in?

4 ... the 1976 Games in Montreal, 1980 Games in Moscow, 1984 Games in Los Angeles, and 1988 Games in Seoul. Daley won gold in men's decathlon at the 1980 and 1984 Games, finished 18th at the 1976 Games, and finished 4th at the 1988 Games.

Is this the first time for Tom Daley to take part in the Olympics?

No, Tom took part in the 2008 Olympics also. He was one of the youngest to take part being only 14-years-old.

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Tom has 6 different diving events he takes part in. Some singles events and some doubles. He dives from different height platforms.

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