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Q: What sport did Benjamin Franklin play?
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Did Benjamin Franklin play sport's?


What was Benjamin's Franklin's favorite sport?

eating porkchops and counting money

What role did Benjamin Franklin play in the relations between France and the what role did Benjamin Franklin play in relations between France And the US?

Ambassador to France

What role did Benjamin Franklin play in the making of the Pennsylvania hospital in 1755?

Benjamin Franklin played a major roleby writing different things for different reason.

Whatrole did Benjamin Franklin play in the constitutional convention?

hi jklwkwskks

What is Benjamin Franklin's surname?

Benjamin Franklin's surname is Franklin.

Who led the Americans' negotiations with France?

Benjamin Franklin and John Adams

What was Benjamin Franklin's mother's last name?

Franklin! That's why they called him Benjamin Franklin.

Who was Benjamin Franklin's father?

Benjamin Franklin's father was Josiah Franklin.

Who wrote an autobiography of Benjamin Franklin?

benjamin franklin

What is the scientific name of Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin

Is Benjamin Franklin single?

No, Benjamin Franklin is not single.