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e.g running, cycling, Netball or Basketball

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Q: What sport are the hamstring used in?
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Related questions

What is the hamstring used for?

The hamstring helps you stand and not helps to protecting your ankle from breaks.

What sport has the least injuries?

baseball is the sport with the least injuries because all you do is run around bases. The most common injury in baseball is a hamstring

Is there a product that will help topically with my hamstring pain that doesn't burn?

Hamstring pain is caused by an increased amount of force exerted on the bottom of the heel by exercise such as excessive running. A product that can ease the hamstring is a roller, which can be purchase in most stores that offer sport equipment. Common such stores are, sports authority, Nike and Finish Line.

What muscle is used to straighten the leg?

the hamstring

What muscle are used when bending forward?


Examples of sports injury and bad things?

torn hamstring, broken bones, not staying in shape if you are on a team of any sport.

What muscles are used for flexing the knee?

the hamstring is used for flexing the knee

On which part of the body is the hamstring located?

The hamstring is a group of tendons situated in the borders of the space behind the knee or their corresponding tendons. They are used to help the flexing of the knee.

What muscles are used when doing a straddle jump?

quadricep and hamstring.

What are the three main muscles used in sit and reach?


What muscles are used during leg flex?

Your hamstring muscles.

What muscles are used when you jump?

I would say the hamstring, gastrocnemius, and quadriceps muscles are used when you jump.

What muscles are used in squats?

the squat uses the quadriceps, the hamstring, and the glutes

What muscles do you use in heel flicks?

The muscles used are your Quads and Hamstring

What is the antagonist muscle used in a calf raise?


What muscles are used in a squat?

In a squat, you use your quadriceps, hamstring, and your glutes.

Is the biceps femoris a hamstring muscle?

The biceps femoris is part of the hamstring. The other parts of the hamstring are the semitendonous and the semimembranous.

Is the hamstring anterior to the quadriceps?

No, the hamstring is posterior to the quadriceps.

Which motion are the hamstring muscles responsible for?

for what are the hamstring responsible?

Why is a hamstring called a hamstring?

In Paris during the 18th century, butchers used to hang their pigs in the windows of the butcher shops by the tendons in the back of the knee. Hence, ham (pig) strings (tendons)

What are the injuries in sport?

sprained angle, knee, pulled hamstring, bleeding Most likely is that soccer players will get knee problems... i have a knee problem from soccer since i was nine.

Muscles of the hamstring?

The hamstring muscles are made up of six tendons. The hamstring muscle is found in the thigh and helps to move the leg.

Which muscle would you stretch if having a hamstring spasm?

the hamstring

What is the function of the hamstring?

•The hamstring allows you to bend your leg at the knee.

Which of these is a real leg muscle hamstring beefstring or chickinstring?