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The most death sports would be. Pro American football. Motocross freestyle. Rugby. Bmx freestyle. Definately running or triathlon. People die of heart attacks while running.

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What sport do people die the most from?

Horse riding, in its various guises.

Why do people die in sleeping?

Most likely because they stop breathing.

Is Antarctica the most likely place to die?

No. The most likely place to die is in the middle of a busy highway.

How does oil affect the people of Venezuela?

the oil affects people cause the kind of oil they have most likely people are alergic to it so most people die from suffering the oil smell

Would you die if you ran into a tornado?

Most likely, though people have survived without serious injury.

Can you die from salmonella disease?

From what I heard, you can die, but it is very rare. It is most likely for elderly people to die from this disease if they are already encountering some health issues.

What causes people to die in avalanches?

Most commonly, people who die in avalanches suffocate under the snow that covers them. However, it is likely that some people are killed when slammed into trees or other debris.

How many people die each year from fishing accidents?

Fishing it now the most dangrous sport. More people die of fishing then they do of ski-ing, ski-diving, base jumping and snowboarding all put together. Approxamitly 100,000,000,000 people die

People wit aids are most likely to die from?

They are most likely to die from anything, any disease and any infection or even any virus no matter how small it is even the cold can kill someone who has a bad case of HIV or AIDS.

If you had a temperature of 105 would you die?

Most likely, unless you are very very very lucky..You will most likely slip into coma and die

What people were most likely to die from the Bubonic Plague?

it didnt matter what type of person got it it effected everyone

What of do most people die from?

Most people die from heart disease

Where did the most people die from a tsunami?

where do people die most in tsunamis

What sport do more people die in than any other?


Do people who have been involved in high intensity sport die younger than ordinary people?

No.ordinary people die than those on sports

What is the most likely way to die?

1st. Cancer is probably the most common way people die. It causes hundreds of deaths each year. 2nd. Heart attack 3rd. Suicide

How many people die of smoking related illnesses each year?

most likely u if ur checking this question

What is the second most likely segment of the population to die from poisoning?

The elderly are the second most likely group to be poisoned.

How did Lionel Richie die when where and how?

He die at 55 he had aids that most likely killed him

How many people die every year from not wearing seatbelts?

some people die but its more likely for people with seatbelts to die more. More people die with seatbelts then they do without

How did Shanawdithit's tribe die?

Most likely of tuberculosis.

Where did Clytemnestra die?

Most likely in Mycenae or Argos.

What do you do if you have been struck by lighting?

Most likely die.

How do people go over niagara falls and not die?

Well, people just do not do that. You would definitely most likely die. . . But maybe if you went and parachuted or something off of it, then you maybe could live... Maybe.. :)

At what age are people least likely to die?