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The 7-10 split.

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Q: What split is known as the bedpost in tenpin bowling?
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Did bowling for soup split up?

No. Bowling for Soup have never split up.

Bed posts in sport?

technically ,bowling can have bed posts ,better known as the 7-10 split.

What is the symbal for a split in bowling?

A circle around the number signifies a split.

What is the sour apple in bowling?

In bowling, the sour apple, also referred to as the lily, is a name referring to the 5-7-10 pin split. It is a very difficult split to pick up.

In scoring with bowling what is it when a split becomes a spare?

It is still scored as a spare.

In ten pin bowling a situation what to you call it when pins are left standing have a wide gap?

It's a "split" or "split-pin" situation.

What are the odds of picking the 7-10 split in bowling and according to whom?

distance to moon

In which sport can you be left with bed posts?

Bowling ... 'bed posts' is slang for the 7-10 split.

What should your theme be for your thirteen birthday party?

A normal birthday party can be boring for a thirteen year old.It is a bit old for a slumber party or sleepover.Think about your hobbies for example if you like bowling a 7-10 split bowling party.

Did Jamie and lily split up why?

Yes Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell did split up. The reason of their split is not known.

Is there any glitches in Kinect Sports in bowling?

There is some glitches in bowling. There was one time where I was going bowling on that & guess what, after one stage it was almost a split but that other pin fell down. Then when the pins were loading to get the spare, that pin came back up & I said "What the heck just happened?" So... Quick ending for this is they're glitches & lags in bowling & for other games on Kinect Sports.

What three things can happen in each frame of bowling?

You're probably trying to trick us...but "X" = strike "/" = spare "O" = split