What specified sport player makes a rainbow shot?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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a Basketball player

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A basketball player

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Q: What specified sport player makes a rainbow shot?
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What sport player makes the most money?

Tiger Woods

Who sport player makes more money in the world?

tiger woods

What is the sport a player might bogey?

A player might bogey in the sport of golf.

How does aggression affect sport performance?

aggression makes the opposing player fear you

How is fighting a sport?

When you punch or kick you flex which makes it a sport.

Is soccer an indoor or outdoor sport?

It is both but is usually played outside unless otherwise specified.

Why are most members of the New York Giants considered short this really makes the sport confusing?

A short or a shortstop isn't about the size of the player, but about what position/task the player has on the field.

Is MVP really the highest paid sports entertainer?

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, but has nothing to do with the amount of money the player makes. The Value is determined by how much the player adds to their team playing the sport.

Which sport was Samantha Stosur a good sport player?


What does that mean when an athlete is said to be a smart player?

It means that the athlete makes good decisions in his sport. For instance, knowing the right time to pass and when to score.

How many substitution can a team make during a official match?

This depends on the sport being played - which the questioner has not specified.

Is Calvin Johnson still a sport player?

Calvin Johnson is not a sport player, he retired from football after the 2015 season.