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Q: What special powers does the phoenix have?
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What special powers do they have?

what is the special powers of an alien

Do Phoenix tears have healing powers?


Does a phoenix have powers?

Because it likes fire.

What are the magical powers of Phoenix tears?

Phoenix tears can heal any wound, cut, scrape, or bruise.

How do Ben Ten get special powers?

Ben ten gets his special powers by his watch

What are Demeters special powers?

Demeter's special powers are being able to control nature.

Do millennium babies have special powers?

No, millennium babies do not have any type of special powers.

What are two qualities of a Phoenix according to Albus Dumbledore?

The phoenix's tears have healing powers, and they regenerate as an egg after they die.

Who is stronger Goku or Phoenix?

Goku. Phoenix powers would not work and Goku would kill her before she can take his power.

What is Phoenix special about?

Because it likes fire.

Does crystal meth give the user special powers?

Crystal meth does not give the user special powers.

Any special features found in constellation Phoenix?

Hydra is found in the constellation called Phoenix