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wiered helmets, body padding, and leg padding.

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i have no idea but that was on my practice book to its confusing

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Q: What special equipment do the athletes use in the Olympics?
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What special equipment is use in biathlon?

Small caliber rifle and skis. It is held during Winter Olympics, as far as I know.

What equipment do they use in the Olympics?

nothing why did they use something

How can athletes protect their eyes?

They can use special sport goggles.

What type of gun is used in a biathlon?

They use a regular .22 cal that has been custom made for the athletes in the Olympics

What equipment are used in paralympic football?

what equipment needed for the football paralympic

What do the athletes where in the Modern Olympic games?

Well the modern olympics was very unusuall. They either use to run in armour or fully naked.

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Track & Field Equipment you must have?

Other than the participation that the athletes make, every track and field activity will involve the use of equipment. The equipment is diverse and can range form the flag that is raised by the inspector to something that is more complex.

What is the role of the Indo Board Balance Training Equipment?

Indo Board Balance Training Equipment has the role to train athletes on balance skills. Athletes could use the balance skills acquired for several sports like Yoga, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Canoe, Hockey and many other sports.

Which type of special postal service would you use for a heavy expensive piece of medical equipment being returned to the manufacturer for a refund?

Special delivery

What special equipment does Spider-Man use?

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Were steroids available to enhance athletes' performances during the 2004 Olympics?

Yes, performance enhancing substances were available to those athletes participating in the 2004 Games. The International Olympic Committee has stringent policies and testing procedures when it comes to performance enhancers and several athletes were expelled from their teams or lost their medals due the use of prohibited substances.