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an exercise bike would be the best start

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Q: What sort of dirt bike should a 250 pound 14-year-old male beginning rider start with?
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What sort of dirt bike should a 250 pound rider get?

Get a cr80r

What size of dirt bike should a 140 pound female beginning rider buy?

depends on how tall you are, im guessing that your probabally around 5' 8"-10"? someone like that who is a begginer should try out a Honda XR100

WHAT Famous rider beginning with L?

Ludger Beerbaum

I am a heavy rider for horse back riding I weigh 268 pounds is my weight suitable to ride a horse weighing 1025 pounds?

A 1,025 pound horse should be able to carry a 268 pound person with little problem.

What is the name of a tv show beginning with k?

Knight rider

What dirt bike should a 175 pound male beginning rider start with?

um depending on how tall you are and how fast you want to go oh and how much you want to pay. a 144cc is $5,798 and a 250cc is $6,298 the ktms which where what i was talking about are great bikes you can either rocket down the track and pull some swet stunts or you can cruse along.

What is the best horse to have for a beginner rider?

actually a Tennessee Walking Horse is the very best for a beginning rider, calm, surefooted and even gait.

How much weight can a shetland pony hold?

Pound for Pound Shetlands are the strongest equines on earth. That being said however, no horse or pony should carry more than 20% of it's own bodyweight on it's back, this includes the rider and tack.

What is the configuration of the Knight Rider theme?

The configuration of the Knight Rider theme is that it was configured to start at the beginning of the show after a short clip that served as a preview for the episode.

What does the term responsible intermediate rider mean in a horse for lease add?

It means the horse is suited to an intermediate rider. A beginning rider probably would not have enough experince to handle the horse and the horse may be too sedate or lack the refinement for an expert rider.

Which rider on the triple beam balance should always be moved first?

The middle rider. Also known as the hundreds rider.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Beginning and the End - 2007?

The cast of The Beginning and the End - 2007 includes: Jordan Rider as Will Phillip Rogers as Eric

What kind of dirt bike should a 160 pound 14 year old rider get?

Depends on how tall you are. I would probably say a 250 cc for your weight, but it is a lot of power. Do you have any experience riding?

How fast does a stock 1980 yz 80 go with a 80 pound rider?

Probably about 50-60

Where is rose found on HorseIsle?

Rose, A Beautiful Maiden, at the beginning of the maze on Saddle isle. But to get her there, you have to do the elfs quest on rider. She is in the forest on rider at first. --Goss-Grey--

Which rider on the balance should be moved first when finding the mass of an object?

The first rider should move first because that's the lightest one.

What is a good website for a beginner biker? is shaping up to be a good blog for the beginning motorcycle rider.

How did Alex Rider's parents die?

They died in a plane crash. It said so at the beginning of the book in stormbreaker.

What is the first song played in the beginning credits of the devils rejects?

The song is "Midnight Rider" by The Allman Brothers.

Whats the top speed of a 2000 xr200r?

135 pound rider goes about 75, or at least that what my radar gun says

What size of bicycle should a 200 pound person ride?

While the weight can influence the type of bicycle one can use, size is determined by the body proportions and overall height of the the rider.

How much weight can an Arabian horse carry?

All horses should never carry anymore than 20% of their own bodyweight, this includes the rider's weight and the tack/gear all added together. So for example a 1,000 pound horse should carry a maximum of 200 pounds.

What is the future job outlook of a pro bmx rider?

The future outlook for a pro BMX rider is good. since BMX was recently in the olympics it is becoming more popular and mare people are beginning to join the sport.

Who does the work when riding a horse the horse or the rider?

The Horse should work harder than the rider, if the horse is working correctly, this will be the case. The rider does a lot of work to keep the horse going/moving where he should. The rider uses their arms, legs, seat, hands, and weight balance to communicate to the horse. The horse works also since he is the one moving his body in the pace and direction that the rider asks for. Horse and rider are a team.

What does a rider do to protect herself if her horse trips?

A rider who has a balanced seat and good equitation should not have an issue if their horse trips unexpectedly. Good posture, a correct and deep seat with the heels down should keep the rider balanced even if the horse trips. If the horse trips badly and unbalances the rider significantly, the rider may brace themselves with a hand on the horses mane or the saddle horn (if riding western).