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It is my Opinion that Anyone starting out on a Motorcycle should Buy a used OnRoad / Offroad Bike 175 to 250 cc Then Both Terrain and Road can Be experienced. Fun Fun Fun. The Bikes are generally light and easy to handle. The Offroad Terrain prepares the Rider somewhat for unexpected circumstances on the Road. The first answer is good, but may not work for everyone. I agree that an individual should begin with a used bike. Depending on the size of the person riding different bikes provide good experience. If you know you will be only using the bikes off road, then I would recommend a Honda XR200 for a smaller person. If you are tall, the Kawasaki KDX 200 is an excellent bike. Dual Sport (Both licensed for street and dirt) have become more popular and may be difficult to find something in a size that works well for you. Also, a Dual Sport bike will most likely be heavier than a pure dirt bike. Weight is important when riding in the dirt. The lighter the bike, the better. 120 isn't a whole lot. If it's a Motocross bike get 80 two stroke. Enduro or dual sport- 125 four stroke. Don't assume that bigger and more powerful is better. If you get a bike that has to much power you will simply be UNABLE to ride it.

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Q: What sort of dirt bike should a 120 pound female beginning rider start with?
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