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crazy train...

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Q: What songs besides Welcome to the Jungle are played at Gillette stadium on kickoffs?
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Is gillette stadium a covered stadium?

No, Gillette stadium is not a covered stadium.

When was Gillette Stadium created?

Gillette Stadium was created in 2002.

Who designed gillette stadium?

Architect John Bolles designed Gillette Stadium.

Which NFL team's stadium is Gillette Stadium?

Gillette Stadium is home to the New England Patriots.

Terms of contract for gillette stadium?

Robert Kraft owns and finances Gillette Stadium

What latitude is gillette stadium?

Gillette Stadium is located at approximately 42.1 degrees North

What is Gillette stadium made of?

The majority of Gillette Stadium's structure is made of heavy steel.

What is the seating capacity of Gillette Stadium?

The capacity of Gillette Stadium at Foxborough in the United States is 66,829.

How many people work at Gillette stadium?

Approximatley 240 people work at Gillette Stadium.

Where can you get the Gillette Stadium seating chart?

One can get the Gillette Stadium seating chart online by visiting the official Gillette Stadium website. This information is completely free and can be viewed in just seconds.

Which sections are covered at Gillette stadium?

For Patriot games, there are no covered sections in Gillette Stadium. All sections in the stadium are open for seating.

What is the name of the patriots stadium?

Gillette Stadium

What year did the Patriots first play in Gillette Stadium?

Gillette Stadium opened in 2002.

Where can one find Gillette Stadium?

The Gillette Stadium is located in Foxboro, MA. The address of the Gillette Stadium is 1 Patriot PI, Foxboro, MA 02035. You can contact them by phone at (508) 543-8200.

Is the field at Gillette stadium heated?

Yes, Gillette stadium uses a radiant heat system to heat the field

What is the seating capacity at Gillette Stadium during a concert?

The Gillette Stadium seating capacity is 68,756.

What is the logo on the 50 yard line at Gillette Field?

it is the gillette stadium logo. it is of the bridge and lighthouse that are at the stadium's entrance

What is the patriots stadium called?

The Patriots Stadium is called the Gillette Stadium.

What stadium does Tom Brady practice at?

Gillette stadium

What was Gillette stadium call before?

Foxboro stadium

How many seats are in row 26 section 334 at gillette stadium?

There are 24 seats in section 336 in Gillette Stadium.

Who was the first loss in gillette stadium?

The Patriots' first loss in Gillette Stadium was against the Denver Broncos in October 2002.

Do the Patriots have an indoor stadium?

No. Gillette is an open air stadium.

What is the name of the New England Patriots stadium?

Gillette Stadium.

What city is the Patriots Stadium?

Gillette Stadium is in Foxboro, Massachusetts.