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"Raise Your Glass" by P!nk

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Q: What song is played when the Washington Nationals win a game?
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What is Washington Nationals player Bernadina at bat song for July 2011?

"My Time" by Fabulous ft. Jeremiah (good song)

What NBA team does wiz khalifa like?

I know he has Pittsburgh Pirates caps,jewellery and even made a song on them...but he has a Washington Nationals tattoo on his hand and back?

What is the name of the song they played in Turner Field when the Braves played the Nationals on June 28th 2010 at the seventh inning when Strasburg was substituted?

Somewhere over the rainbow

What is the name of the classical song played in the the evil within video game trailer?

The name of the classical song that is played in the Evil Within video game trailer is not listed.

What is the song that is played when Nationals short stop Ian Desmond goes to bat?

Warriors by Ky-Mani Marley The Fire - The Roots feat. John Legend

What is the song played at the end of a Dodger game?

They didnt play on Oct 17, but on Oct 16 they played "I love LA" by Randy NEwman

What is the song played after the Texas Rangers lose a game?

We are the champions

What is the song played at the beginning of a baseball game?

The National Anthem.

In the movie Eagle Eye what is the song played by the band in Washington at the end?

This answer is wrong pledge to the alliegence

What is Aston Villas song?

What 'Song' are you relating to? Name a time when it is played/sung. e.g. hi ho silverlining is played at the end of the game.

What is the song played in the beginning of Halo 3 called Like when the game is in the first screen... like when you first put up the game... and you can choose from the game options?

The song played is a) not changeable, and b) it is called never forget, or unforgotten

What song is played at the beginning of the season finale of the game?

I am for you by Lisa tucker