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its Jeff black hi ho (Wolverhampton) silver lining .

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Q: What song is played when Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C score a goal?
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Who did dirk kuyt score his 50th Liverpool goal against?

Wolverhampton wanderers aka wolves

How many goals did Cesc Fabregas score for Arsenal in 2003?

In calendar year 2003, Cesc Fabregas scored a single goal, in a 5 - 1 victory against Wolverhampton Wanderers on December 2, 2003.

Does chamakh have the record for fastest goal?

Yes he does. at 38 seconds putting Arsenal up 1-0 against Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

JWhich club did Milan Baros score his first goal against for Liverpool?

Bolton Wanderers

Who is wolverhampton wanderers top goal scorer?

The living legend that is Stephen George Bull.................aka the tatter Stevie Bulls a Tatter He wears his England cap He plays for Wolverhampton and he is a lovely chap...... He scores with his left foot He scores with his right And when we play the albion He'll score all f*@!ing night

Who did Antonio Valencia score his first goal against for Manchester United?

Bolton Wanderers was the first competitive goal on Oct 17, 2009 Boca Juniors first goal on July 29,2009. Good Luck on the kit!!

Who was the first person to score a goal in the NHL?

Joe Malone. He scored in the 1916-1917 season. Dave Ritchie for the Montreal Wanderers in the 1917-18 season

What music is played after holland score goal?

bob Marley

What song is played after notts county score a goal?

Chelsea Dagger

What song is played when the NY Islanders score a goal?

brohymn by pennywise

What song is played when the New York Rangers score a goal?


How do you score a goal when d goalkeeper is out of the box?

how do you score a goal when the goal keeper is out of the box?

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