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The answer is: All hail the Arsenal

All hail the Arsenal

Wenger what are we going to do?

Win the cup

It's up to you

Come one you reds,

Come on you reds.

By Liam Garrard

=== === === ===

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Q: What song is played before arsenal football emirates?
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Who play at emirates stadium?

Arsenal Football Club have played there since they moved from Highbury

When did Arsenal play Celtic?

The last time that Arsenal and Celtic played was at the 2010 Emirates Cup.

What football team did adebayor play for before arsenal?

From 2003 - 2006 he played for Monaco.

When was the last time arsenal played Celtic?

In the emirates cup on the 1st of august. It finished 3-2 to arsenal.

What song is played as arsenal come out of the tunnel at the emirates cup?

Elvis - the wonder of you

Have arsenal ever played the new wembley?

Not in a competitive game, only in emirates cup

What is arsenals football ground called?

in May 2006, Arsenal played their last ever match in the historic Highbury stadium. Next season, they will move into the newly build Emirates Stadium. It was called Highbury although they are moving to Emirates Stadium

What is the club anthem for arsenal football club?

No body really knows what the official Arsenal F.C. anthem is, but there are a few possibilities: 1. The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley - This is played before every home game at the emirates. 2. Here We go Again By the Arsenal Squad of 1935 3. Good Old Arsenal. 4. Right Here, Right Now - Played before every home game during the later years at Highbury. Other than those 4 choices there isn't really a main anthem for Arsenal F.C.

What football team has played at wembley most times?


Have arsenal ever played Celtic?

yes in the emirates cup in the pre season between 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons. Arsenal won 3-2

Has any football player played for Liverpool Manchester United Arsenal and Chelsea?

No,no one has played for Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal andChelsea.

Who club did Tony Adams play for before joining Arsenal?

He played for arsenal only.

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