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The answer is: All hail the Arsenal

All hail the Arsenal

Wenger what are we going to do?

Win the cup

It's up to you

Come one you reds,

Come on you reds.

By Liam Garrard

=== === === ===

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I think you're talking about Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death ? Could be could possibly also be Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now ?

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  • the national song of england
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Elvis - the wonder of you

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Q: What song is played at half time at Arsenal?
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Thierry Henry played a total of 377 games for Arsenal.

What number will podolski wear for arsenal?

for the first time he played he wore #9

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In the emirates cup on the 1st of august. It finished 3-2 to arsenal.

Who has played for arsenal and Nottingham Forest?

Chris Sutton Tim Sherwood & Maceo Rigters . Also David Bentley spent some time on loan to Norwich when he was at Arsenal.

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