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Q: What song is played after the dolphins score a touchdown?
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What song is played when the Chiefs score a touchdown and what is the crowd chanting during it?

its just the hhey song

What is the song when the steelers score a touchdown?

Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400

Song played after the saints score a touchdown?

Halftime (Stand up and get crunk), by: YinYang Twins

What NFL teams have fight songs?

The buffalo bills have the shout song which is played after they score and is undoubtedly the best of the songs, but the dolphins, redskins, packers, and eagles also have songs .

When was Touchdown - song - created?

Touchdown - song - was created on 2007-11-23.

What song does The University of Tennessee band play after scoring a touchdown?

Most would probably tell you Rocky Top (our unofficial fight song) but that is what we play after big plays. The band actually plays "Down the Field" (our official fight song) when we score a touchdown. You can still hear it playing as we kick the extra points.

What is the song just played when the patriots scored against the tenn titans?

The Patriots touchdown celebration song is "This is our House" by Bon Jovi.

What is the name of the second song that is played in Twilight?

Song: Decode by Paramore Score: Who are they?

What song is played after the Tampa Bay Rays score?

Yet to be decided. They have to score first.

Song played when patriots score?

This is Our House, by Bon Jovi.

What is the song played after the MN wild score?

crowd chant

What is the classical song played when Seahawks take the field?

what is the rap song played on the field during a seahawks game? after a touchdown before kickoff. Aint I- Young LA