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Q: What song do the Vikings play for the opening kickoff?
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What is the Denver Broncos kickoff song?

There is no official kickoff song for the Denver Broncos.

What is the song played on chiefs radio before opening kickoff?

The Alan Parson's Project - Eye In The Sky (1982) - The intro is 1:54 and is titled "Sirius" and rolls on into Eye In The Sky.... The intro is what they play... Great Sports intro song, BTW.

What song do the New York Giants play before kickoff?

ac/dc hells bells

What song do they play on Saints kickoff in Superdome?

"Oh when the Saints go Marching In". by BoyScout4Life

What is the song played before the kickoff at the Syracuse football games?

I think they usually play Sandstorm by Darude

What was the song played right before opening kickoff of the Pitt vs. Notre Dame dame with the student section dancing?

probably Rakes of Mallow

What song do they play before every kickoff at the Ohio state football games?

Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

Song at vikings game?

The first team song, from 1961-1966, was; From out of the north come the Vikings, Roar you Vikings, roar!

What is the name of the New Orleans Saints kickoff song?

Who Dat

What song is played at the kickoff of the Buffalo Bills?

Get Allot - Young Jeezy

What is the song Alabama plays before kickoff?

ohohohoho by zombie nation

In twilight they play a song in the beginning what song is that?

The song at the opening of the movie (when Bella is traveling from Phoenix to Forks) is call "Full Moon" and the band is The Black Ghosts.

Does Craig Ferguson play drums on his opening song?

Yes he does. He played drums in a band when he was younger. He actually sings the song too. The entire song is posted on youtube.

In The Boondocks what's the song they play after the opening theme song in Thank You For Not Snitching?

What is the kickoff song at football games?

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

What song did they play in the opening jam on Camp Rock?

barron James and sander lawyer were singing Hasta La Vista'' on the opening jam on camp rock.

What is the opening song of the Lion King?

The Circle of Life is the opening song.

Opening song of kingdom hearts 2?

The opening song for kh2 is Sanctunary.

What is the name of the opening song on the love guru?

9 to 5 is the opening song.

What is the opening song in the movie fight club?

Stealing Fat - Dust Brothers This song plays during the DVD menu, and during the opening credits at the start of the film. Other parts of it play throughout the film.

What song is played during a Pittsburgh Steelers kickoff?

KernKraft 400 by Zombie Nation.

What was the Opening song to ray the movie?

The opening song is "What'd I Say" by the main man Ray

What is fruits baskets opening song?

The opening song on Fruits Baskets is called "For Fruits Baskets".

Who sings the opening song in the show HUNG?

The opening song is "I'll Be Your Man" by The Black Keys

What is the opening song in the movie the joneses with Demi Moore?

The opening song playing behind the credits and the opening scenes is "Anonymous" by Nick Urata

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