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Same song as when they win, New York, New York, by Frank Sinatra.

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Q: What song do the New York Yankees play when the Yankees lose?
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The Yankees don't have a mascot currently, but they once had a mascot named Dandy. As found on Wikipedia: = Dandy (mascot) = === From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia === Dandy was the mascot of the New York Yankees between 1980 and 1985. He was a large pinstriped bird that sported a Yankees hat. He had a mustache that gave him an appearance similar to that of former Yankee pitcher Sparky Lyle. His name was a play on the classic American folk song "Yankee Doodle Dandy." In the upper deck area of Yankee Stadium, to which Dandy was confined by upset Yankees management, Dandy was beaten up by fans who didn't want a mascot. George Steinbrenner in 1998 claimed he "had no recollection" of Dandy as a mascot. Along with this experiment, the Yankees briefly had mascots resembling ballpark food (plus Yankees hats on top) during the mid-1990s. Outside of these two occasions, the Yankees have not had an official mascot or cheerleading squad roam the stands or perform on the field. Unofficial mascots have included a squirrel that Terry Kidder of the New York Times nicknamed "Right Field Ratatosk" after it was seen on the right field foul pole in late 2007.

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