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Q: What song did NBC use for the golf tour championship?
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What is the song used in the 2015 NBC Sports Championship commercial?

Today - Smashing Pumpkins

When was Golf Channel on NBC created?

Golf Channel on NBC was created in 2011.

When did NBC Sports Real Golf happen?

NBC Sports Real Golf happened in 2006.

Who sings the song on the latest North Face commercial?

NBC Sports has been using David Cook's "Heroes" for their Championship Season commercials. It's been included with everything from golf to horse racing.

When was NBC Sports Real Golf created?

NBC Sports Real Golf was created on 2006-08-16.

Who is televising the Olympics?

In the US, NBC.

Is Tiger Woods invested in the Golf Channel?

Does tiger woods own part of the golf channel?

What channel is the Dew Tour on for the date of 17 October 2010?

NBC at 4pm EST

What is the song in the promo for NBC's undercovers?

"Bomboleo" by Gypsy Kings

What is the slow song on piano from NBC's Chuck?

Chuck by Tim Jones (Charah's theme song)

Who sings the song they play when running the commercial for NBC's new show Conviction?

The song is "All Will Be Well" by the Gabe Dixon Band. They are featured in a video/trailer for the new show on the NBC website.

What is the song in the NBC commercial for Thursday night shows?

with me - sum 41