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zebras, zephyr, Zombies, zoom,zack

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Q: What softball and baseball teams start with the letter z?
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Why cant women play professional softball?

i think it is dumb that they do not have professional softball teams... they have professional baseball teams!!!

Why do schools have baseball teams but not softball teams?

Well my school has a softball team. But i guess it mainly depends on where you live and how popular the sport is. In California softball is pretty popular and most high schools out here have teams.

Major league baseball teams that start with the letter o?


How many women's college baseball teams are there?

none. Colleges have softball but not baseball for women.

What sports teams start with the letter b?

basketball, baseball, bungee jumping

How many major baseball teams start with the letter s?

Major league baseball teams that begin with the letter S:Saint Louis CardinalsSan Diego PadresSan Francisco GiantsSeattle Mariners

How many teams are in fastpitch softball?

10 teams are in fast pitch softball.

How much money is it for baseball and a softball?

It Depends on if your skill is up to par. If you would like to play "travel" softball or baseball, it will cost more money than just rec softball or baseball. The amount of money can also vary on which team you play on. "Travel" teams don't usually start off at the earliest age in the game.

How do you start a game of softball?

Some games start with a toss coin, others depends on where the teams are playing. For officiating softball starts when umpire shouts "Play Ball!"

Are there softball teams in California?

uhhh yeah there are softball teams ALL OVER THE WORLD! =)

Baseball teams that begin with a?

Baseball team names that start with the letter "A"AngelsAstrosAthletics

How many division 1 softball teams are there?

There are 346 NCAA Division 1 softball teams.

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