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Q: What soccer terms shares its name with a popular basketball team?
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What are the most popular academy sports?

In terms of sports that are played at academies and schools, the most popular are unique to boys and girls. For boys, football and basketball are the two dominate sports in terms of popularity. Girls prefer soccer and softball by a wide margin.

What sports do people play in suriname?

Cricket and soccer are Suriname's professional sports.Specifically, Suriname has national cricket and football teams. The Surinaamse Cricket Bond represents the country at international cricket matches. The Surinaamse Voetbal Bondrepresents the country at association football matches.

Is soccer the most popular sport in the UK or the US?

Yes, it is the most popular sport in the US. But I would say that American Football, Baseball and Basketball are very close in popularity in the US. Football (soccer) is the most popular female sport in America, as well.

Which sport is most popular in terms of crowds attendance in Australia?


Which sports is the 5 biggest in the world?

In terms of the richest in money, the richest are:Formula 1,Football (soccer),American Football,Golf,and either Baseball/Basketball/Boxing taking 5th place.The most popular sport worldwide is football (soccer). It has the largest number of professional participants also.

What are the terms commonly used in basketball?

Look on this websiteglossary-of-basketball-terms

Is formula 1 more popular than soccer?

Golf would be far more popular than formula one as it is very very popular world wide. Formula one isn't really popular in USA but golf is massive there.

What sports are played in Bolivia?

Soccer is definitely the most popular sport in Bolivia. It is such a big deal that even soccer practices are recorded on shown on tv. Another popular sport is "paleta", a racquet sport played in a large outdoor court or "frontón" surrounded by three tall walls.

What are objects are used in basketball?

In a game, a Basketball and a hoop are used. In terms of gear and apparel this may vary but it could consist of a jersey, shorts, basketball shoes, headband, arm sleeves, compression shorts, basketball socks, etc. Many popular basketball brands include Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Jordan.

Soccer terms that have x in it?

Ajax professional soccer team

What is weighted average number of shares in accounting terms?

Weighted average number of shares = shares outstanding at start of year + shares at end of year / 2

What sport is more popular in Australia Rugy or Soccer?

In Australia, the most popular sports in terms of crowd attendance were Australian rules football, horse racing, rugby league, motorsports, cricket, rugby union, and soccer.So yes, you would say that rugby- although it is not the most popular sport in Australia, it is more popular than soccer.