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You may be thinking of Barcelona, who's away kit this year appears bright pink on TV, but oddly enough does not look pink in person. More like an orange salmon color, if I had to describe it haha.

Also, Benfica in the Portuguese league traditionally have a pink kit, and Toronto FC wore a pink kit twice last year I believe.

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I'd say Palermo.

Few other teams in inferior divisions may wear the pink kit. But the most known club to wear it is Palermo.

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the ajay degvann team

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Palermo in Serie A

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Q: What soccer team has red and yellow jerseys?
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Which Soccer Jersey?

soccer jerseys' colors are mostly picked by colors on the teams logo or flag (E.g. Spanish soccer team has two jerseys, one red and one yellow and those two colors are found of the flag & the Brazilian soccer team has colors yellow and blue and both are fond on the flag.............. and so on on most of the world soccer teams. :)

What r good names for a girls U12 soccer team. their jerseys are red and white striped?

The red and white bulls

I am on a soccer team and we have yellow and red jerseys I need ten good names PLEASE HELP?

The Tide, The Yellowjackets, Champions F.C., Rebels, Rampage, Spurs, Surf, Red Devils, The Crew, A.S. (your town).

What colour jersey does the Danish soccer team normally wear?

It is white jerseys and second choice is red.

What are the team colours for Australia soccer?

Green, Red And Yellow

What are the colours of the Spanish soccer team la furia roja?

The Spanish first choice is Red Jerseys and black shots.

What color is the current jersey for the United states soccer team?

The current United States soccer team has red and white striped shirts. The current United States soccer away team jersey is white and blue. The jerseys are all made by Nike.

Why is vegemite yellow and red?

This is because yellow is one of the colours on the jersey of the Australian soccer team and red is a colour on the Union Jack.

What is the aresanel soccer team's jersey colors?

Arsenal home is red. Away is yellow!

What is Spain's football team colours?

It is Maroon jersey and green shorts. the colors of their flag.

Where did the Arizona Cardinals get their name?

From the color of their jerseys. Chris O'Brien, who organized the team in Chicago in 1898, bought "cardinal red" jerseys for his team to wear.

What are the German colors?

The German flag is black, red and yellow, arranged in horizontal stripes. Their soccer team plays in white.