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lots all the Brazil players :)

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Q: What soccer players were born in Brazil?
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How many soccer players are there in Brazil?

there are 22 players in Brazil's team

What do they call soccer players in Brazil?

Since people speak Portuguese in Brazil, they call soccer players "jogadores de futebol", which literally means "players of football/soccer".

Who are the most famous people in Brazil?

the soccer players because Brazil is all about soccer!

Where do most soccer players come from?

most soccer players come from Germany and England and Brazil

What are the Brazil soccer players numbers?


Who are the best soccer players and where are they from?

The best soccer player is Pele. He is from Brazil. Brazil usually have a lot of talented soccer players. They have won five FIFA World Cup titles, which is currently the most by one country.

Country has most soccer players?

Mexico has the most soccer players in the world. A close second to them is Brazil, the UK and America.

What does Brazil depend on for its income?

by exporting soccer players

How many soccer players are in the country of Brazil?

This is hard to answer as football is the national game of Brazil.

What colours are on a Brazil soccer jersey?

Yellow and green for the home players. Blue and yellow for the away players. Brazil's soccer jersey is one of the most recognizable jerseys in the world for it's colors.

Who are the players on the Brazil National soccer team?

Phil McGregor

Is soccer famous in Brazil?

Oh yes soccer is very very popular in Brazil, and played by one and all.They produce new players regularly.

What is the main sport is in Brazil?

Brazil SoccerBrazil Soccer TeamFamous players BrazilBrazil FootballBrazil PlayersBrazil BasketballFor the most part the answer is Soccer!

What are the name of three Latino soccer players and where are they from?

Pele, Brazil Diego Maradona, Argentina Ronaldinho, Brazil

Can you describe soccer in latin America?

They're very powerful. Players in Argentina and Brazil are very quick and strong. Also, the spectators are dangerous. Soccer is also called football in Brazil not soccer.

Famous soccer players who wore number 10?

Pele for Brazil

Best soccer players of all the dacaid?

Ronaldo Luis from Brazil

Famous soccer players who wore Number 9?

Brazil's Ronaldo

What famous soccer players were born eighth of April?

No famous soccer players were born on the 8th of April.

Where are the best soccer players in the world from?

There are great players everywhere, but some of the best are from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and Italy

Which famous soccer players have worn jersey number 2?

It is Gary Nevile and and Cafu of Brazil.

What are the best players to sign on Pro Evolution Soccer 2010?

Pato of AC Milan and Brazil.

What are Brazil soccer players names?

ronaldhinho robinho ronaldo denilson dani alves carlos

Who are the famous Brazil soccer team players?

ronaldinho robinho Pele rivaldo ronaldo. fenomeno

Who are the leading countries in south American soccer?

Argentina and Brazil are the big players in South America but other countries are up there with them. Argentina and Brazil are the big players in South America but other countries are up there with them.