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center midfielders are commonly viewed as the best "all-around" players on a team. This is mainly due to where their position is located, in the middle of the team's formation. Center mids must defend, attack, distribute, win tackles, and have incredible vision of the pitch (as well as other characteristics). some great center mids in soccer now, and in history include Steven Gerrard, Zinadine Zidane, Xavi, Iñesta, Özil, and Bastian Schweinsteiger (to name a few)

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Q: What soccer players on the team are usually considered to be best all round players?
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No. A soccer ball is round.

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How long is soccer season?

The soccer season usually last from spring to the end of fall. Some people like myself do it year round, including indoor during the winter.

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Soccer fields must be rectangles. Square or round fields are not allowed.

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What is a general description of soccer?

a game played by 2 sides of 11 with a spherical ball. Soccer is a game which involves a round shaped ball and has 2 sides of 11 players with reserves in case of injury or players get tired. A soccer oval is approximately 100yards (90meters) long. It is played with a referee and 2 linesmen to keep track of who touched the ball last in case it went out.

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How much does a soccer player make after playing one match?

Most soccer players are not paid. Millions of players probably round the world play for the love of the game. Only professional players get paid, and they all get different amounts, depending on how good they are, how old they are, how long they have signed up for, and so on. Cristiano Ronaldo is a player in great demand and gets paid about 1 million euros a month, for a year.

Are soccer balls round?

yes because its a ball and balls are circular, making the ball round

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