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Burton Customs :)

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Q: What snowboard bindings does Shaun White use?
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Does Shaun White use toe cap bindings?

No he wears ballet shoes

What sport does Shaun White play?

he snowboard and he use to skate also

Can you use any kind of bindings on any snowboard?


Where can you get boots for a Lamar SE 151 snowboard?

You don't have to get special boots just for the snowboard, unless it is a step in bindings and you would have to know the kind of bindings but, you can practically use any boots that fit in to the bindings, you just gota make sure that they fit you first lol.

Can you use bindings snowboard and boots in all different brands and they still will work?

Boots yes, bindings no. Burton have a different locking mechanism for their bindings. So you can't use say DC bindings on a Burton board. However you can use Burton bindings on a DC board, as you can buy a converter that will allow them to work in a standard 4 bolt locking system.

Can you use flow bindings on a Burton custom flying v snowboard?

yes flow is the best brand for bindings in the industry at this time. for the most part you can put any bindings on any board, doesnt matter the company or brand.

What snowboard does Shaun White use?

His own pro models through Burton. Right now he rides the operator which he designed and he has some mystery board he rides in the pipe.

Can men use women's snowboard bindings?

A men's snowboard boot is generally too wide for a women's snowboard binding. The width is one of the main differences between the two. The hiback is also much smaller, and lower on a women's binding because of the way womens calves are built. Men should only ride mens bindings, and women should really ride womens bindings. For more details on the differences check out the link.

Can you use flow bindings on Burton snowboards?

Yes, definitley i have flow bindings on my Burton snowboard and it is a really good combo .The only thing i would recomend is to bring it to a boardshop to get them sized properly like eastern boarder.

What are the features of a Burton Custom snowboard?

The Burton Custom snowboard has a directional shape, symmetrical flex and a good camber. It also has a feature called "The Channel" allowing the user to easily attach their bindings with the flexibility to use many stances.

Can you use any snowboard boots for click on bindings?

No, you have to use boots specific to those bindings. I'm not sure if you have Clickers, the old Switch step in's or something else but I can tell you it is going to be hard to find boots for them and you need to get rid of them! Step in's are outdated and can be unsafe. Flow and K2 make alternative's to these methods that allow you to use any brand of snowboard boot as well and get the performance and response you need.

Can you use regular ski bindings on telemark skis?

That depends on what you mean by regular bindings. You can use cross-country bindings but not alpine bindings.