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Oakland Raiders is more popular

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Q: What snapback is better Chicago Cubs or raiders?
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What is the Chicago Cubs song called?

the Chicago cubs song. GO CHICAGO!

Is the C on the Chicago Cubs hat for Chicago or Cubs?


What is Anthony Rizzo's number on the Chicago Cubs?

Anthony Rizzo is number 44 on the Chicago Cubs.

Where do the Chicago Cubs play their home game?

The Chicago Cubs play in Chicago, Illinois at Wrigley Field.The Chicago Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field located in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is the coach of the Chicago Cubs?

Mike Quade is the manager of the Chicago Cubs

When did the Chicago Cubs start?

The Chicago Cubs started in 1876-present

Are the Chicago cubs in the playoffs?

No. The Chicago Cubs did not make the playoffs in 2009.

What is the schedule for the Chicago Cubs?

You can find the Chicago Cubs schedule on the Chicago Cubs Official website. The link to the schedule is in the related links section.

Are the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs 2009?

No. The Chicago Cubs did not make the playoffs in 2009.

When did the Chicago cubs get their name?

In 1902, the Chicago Cubs got their current name.

Which baseball team has a curse of the Bambino?

It was actually the Chicago Cubs

Who came first Chicago Bears or the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs were founded first. The Chicago Cubs organization was started in 1870, while the Bears' organization was established in 1919.