What small pet likes to burrow?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: What small pet likes to burrow?
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What pets are good for on the go kids?

Well it depends on what the kid likes and if it's small but there's really no small on the go pet unless its an imaginary

Is a hamster the right pet for me?

Well I don't know you and your likes and dislikes but if you like small animals than that's an ideal pet for you!!!

Who is Chris Brown pet name?

his parrot is called ' burrow' .

What animal likes to live in a burrow in a desert?

Tortoises, rodents, rabbits, hares, snakes and some owls make seek shelter in a burrow during the hot hours.

Do rabbits burrow into the ground?

yes so if you have a pet rabbit make sure it can't dig away

What is the difference between burrow and hole?

A burrow is a place where animals live, a hole could simply just be a hole - a small area dug out.

How do you bring a small pet how from the pet store?

you can put it in a small box.

What is a burrow?

A burrower is a creature who burrows, or who lives in an underground hole which they have made themselves.

What type of solutions are there for a pet who likes to poop on the carpet?

There are some solutions for a pet who likes to poop on the carpet. However, the best way is take off the carpet to train the pet not having the habit pooping on the carpet.

How does air get into a chipmunk's burrow when there is snow and ice covering the ground?

There was already air in the burrow before the snow. Air can enter through small openings in the snow.

What is Mitchell Musso's favorite hobby?

it is Skateboarding or he also likes playing with his pet snake named Madonna

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