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u need to know the scorpion how to do really good splits if u r short how to trust the people who is suppose to hold u and back hand spring front hand springs really that's good enough for collage

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Q: What skills or stunts should I learn to become a college cheerleader?
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What skills should a cheerleader possess?

jumps, tumbling, cheers, being sharp, and dancing

How did Meagan Nicole Smith become a cheerleader?

She could have gave it all she got, and had been working on her skills that she needed to get on the team

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How tall should you be to be a cheerleader?

There is no specific height requirement. Depending on your height (and sometimes your skills) you can be a back spot, base, flyer, or front spotter.

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Thallu adikkuka

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How many years of study are needed to be a pro cheerleader?

You don't need any specific education to be a cheerleader. You just have to have the appropriate skills and be successful in your try outs.

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