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FX - standing back handspring, front flip, back extension roll to handstand (straight arms), RO BHS back tuck, front handspring step out front handspring, and a side straddle leap. everything else you should have from level 5. BB - back walk over or back extension, 180 degree leap and split jump, handstand dismount, full turn. UB - clear hip and cast above 45 degrees ( i believe), baby giant, fly away. everything else you should have from level 5. V - front handspring. I believe that's it

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There are no specific skills required to compete at Level 9 - it is an "optional" level, because each gymnast has the option of using the skills that work best for her to fulfill the special requirements for each event. Each routine is also required to have elements which fulfill the Value Part requirements, which are 3As, 4Bs, and 1 C. They are allowed to do 1 D or E value part per routine; any more than 1 incurs a .5 deduction per each unallowable element.

Vault - Level 9 has specific vaults which are allowed at this level, and which have various start values. has the Level 9 Vault table, which lists the allowable vaults, and their start values

Uneven Bars - the special requirements for Level 9 are:

1. 2 bar changes

2. 1 flight element, minimum B value part

3. 1 different flight element OR 1 element with LA (long axis) turn, each minimum C

4. Salto/hecht dismount, minimum B

Balance Beam - Special Requirements for Level 9 are:

1. Acro series consisting of 2 flight elements

2. Leap or jump with 180 degree split

3. 360 degree turn

4. Dismount, minimum B

Floor Exercise - Special Requirements for Level 9 are:

1. Acro series with 2 saltos or 2 directly connected saltos

2. 3 Different saltos within the routine

3. Dance Passage - minimum 2 different leaps jumps or hops directly or indirectly connected with at least 1 leap (one foot takeoff) which requires 180 degree split.

4. Minimum B salto as the last salto, or in the last acro series of the routine.

Level 9's have a start value of a 9.7 - they can earn .3 in bonus thru connecting certain elements.

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Q: What skills are required for level 9 gymnastics?
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