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Many people still think that Whistler Blackcomb has the highest vertical rise in North America but that has now been trumped by a ski resort in Canada known as Revelstoke which boasts a vertical of 6000ft. In the US many people think that Jackson Hole has the highest vertical (around 4100ft), This was beat by Snowmass in Colorado up until 2008. Snowmass had the highest in the US at (4406ft) however, now that Telluride has opened up Palmyra Peak they have the highest vertical of any ski resort in the country. Their new total vertical rise is 4425ft. Of course, this is just a measurement from the top of Palmyra Peak to the lowest base area in the town of Telluride. Unfortunately, there is no way of skiing all of this vertical (4425ft) in bounds and without riding at least one ski lift on your persuit of getting to the lowest base area (town of Telluride). However, one can ski just over 4000ft of vertical from the top of Palmyra Peak to the base of chair #1. Telluride also offers the highest in bounds ski terrain in the world. Palmyra Peak at over 13200 feet is now the highest inbounds ski terrain in the world, higher than Zermatt, South America, French Alps and any ski resort in the world!

-Telluride Ski Resort has the highest @ 4425 vertical feet

Correction: Plamyra Peak is the highest in-bound ski terrain in the US, not the world. The highest in the world is Chacaltaya (Bolivia) at about 5300m (or 17388ft.).

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Here are a few of the resorts in Europe with very high amounts of vertical drop. While vertical drop is a key statistic for North American resorts, it is not a data point that has traditionally been used much in marketing European ski resorts. Therefore, this list is not exhaustive. There are many other resorts that fall within the range represented here.

Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France : 2,738 m / 8,983 ft

Matterhorn ski paradise Switzerland & Italy 2,279 m / 7,477 ft

Lauterbrunn, Switzerland : 2,171 m / 7,123 ft

Alpe d'Huez, France : 2,193 m / 7,195 ft

Davos, Switzerland : 2,034 m / 6,673 ft

Les Arcs, France : 2,026 m / 6647 ft

Les 3 Vallées; France : 1,920 m / 6,299 ft

Cortina, Italy : 1,882 m / 6,178 ft

Sol y Nieve, Spain : 1,378 m / 4,521 ft

To put this in perspective for North American skiers, Revelstoke has the most vertical drop in North America at 1,713 m / 5,620 ft.

Vertical drop as a lone statistic does not provide a very good idea of how enjoyable a resort will be for an individual at a particular skill level, or with particular interests. For instance, the vertical drop number does not provide any indication of the total number of trail/runs/pistes, or the percentage of those trails/runs/pistes designated at a specific skill level. Most individuals who desire "more vertical drop" either want:

1. Longer runs, or ...

2. More expert trails/runs/pistes.

If you look at the vertical drop statistic for Cortina (1,882 m / 6,178 ft) it is very impressive. However, only 5% of the trails/runs/pistes at Cortina are rated "expert".

On the other hand, at Chamonix 46% of the trails/runs/pistes are rated "expert". Other factors to consider:

1. Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, you should try to figure out the mix at the resort and the inter-format dynamic.

2. Are you going to be with a big group of friends? It might make sense to select a resort that is more relaxed, less crowded, slower pace, and that provides more and better venues for socializing. My most enjoyable ski trip was to Maranza, Italy, a resort with "only" 807 m / 2,648 ft of vertical drop. The skiing was great, but it was the group of friends, the relaxed atmosphere, and the great food and drink that really made it a week of ski heaven!

There are many spectacular resorts in Europe. Wishing you many days with the sun on your face and fresh powder beneath your feet!


Some numbers from resort brochures.

Some approximate numbers from

Some precise numbers from and and

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Revelstoke at over 5600 vertical feet of life seviced skiing is king of North America. It is over 6000 if you do a short hike. End of topic.

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Q: What ski resort in Canada has the highest vertical drop in North America?
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Where is the highest altitude ski resort in the east?

Beech Mtn. in North Carolina is the highest ski resort in the eastern united states at 5506 ft. above sea level, with around 800 ft. vertical descent.

Which ski resort is home to the Imperial Express Superchair-- the highest lift in North America?


Highest altitude ice rink in Canada?

Big White Ski Resort near Kelowna, British Columbia

What was the first ski resort in Canada?

The first ski resort in Canada and the 2nd in north America is Mont-Tremblant Quebec, opened in February 1939. source:

What does vertical drop mean in skiing?

the term "vertical drop" is a word used by ski resorts to describe how "tall" a ski resort is. If the top of a ski resort is 13,000 feet and the base area of the resort is 10,000 feet, than the vertical drop of the resort is 3,000 feet. aka, the vertical feet between the top elevation and the base elevation.

Tallest ski resorts in Canada?

Whistler Blackcomb. It has over 8000 acres of terrain.

What are the 5 largest ski resorts in north America?

You can define largest in several ways: largest vertical drop, uphill lift capacity, highest elevation or most skiable acres (on 1 lift pass). I will rank the top 7 (because 2 on the list are on a combined lift pass) using the last method as it seems to be the best way to relay the largness of a resort, and I'll include other statistics.1. Whistler Blackcomb (British Columbia, Canada) - 8,171 Acres - Highest Elevation 7,494 ft. - Vertical drop 5,200 ft.2. Big Sly/Moonlight Basin (Montana, USA) - 5,512 Acres on a combined lift pass (Big Sky 3,812 ft./Moonlight Basin 1,700 ft.) - Highest Elevation 11,166 ft. - Vertical drop 4,350 ft.3. Vail Resort (Colorado USA) - 5,289 Acres - Highest Elevation 11,570 ft. - Vertical Drop 3,450 ft.4. Heavenly (California/Nevada, USA) - 4,800 Acres- Highest Elevation 10,067 ft. - Vertical Drop 3,500 ft.5. Snowbird/Alta (Utah, USA) - 4,700 Acres on a combined lift pass (Snowbird 2,500 ft./Alta 2,200 ft.) - Highest Elevation 11,000 ft. - Vertical Drop 3,240 ft.6. Lake Louise (Alberta, Canada) - 4,200 Acres - Highest Elevation 8,650 ft. - Vertical Drop 3,250 ft.7. Squaw Valley (California, USA) - 4,000 Acres - Highest Elevation 9,050 ft. - Vertical Drop 2,850 ft.ExtrasHighest Vertical Drop - Revelstoke (Alberta, Canada) 5,620 ft.Highest Ski Lift Elevation - Breckenridge (Colorado, USA) 12,840 ft.Highest Resort Elevation - Silverton (Colorado, USA) 13,487 ft.Highest Average Annual Snowfall - Mount Baker (Washington, USA) - 647 inches* Powder Mountain in Utah lists over 7,000 Acres but this includes lifts, snowcats and back country access.

What is the highest Snow Valley ski resort?

Snow Valley is a ski resort located in Barrie, Ontario and was established in 1952. Apart from skiing there is Snow tubing and Snow shoeing. There is a half-pipe and a terrain park. The vertical of the mountain is 1,041 feet.

Is there a ski resort in Whistler that is open all summer?

Whistler boasts over the biggest vertical drop in North America and ski season that stretches from early November to late May. Construction on the first ski resort started in 1966.

Is Canada a resort?

no it is a country

What is the highest rated resort hotel in Atlanta?

Indigo is the highest rated resort hotel in Atlanta. They have always provide that edge in greatness.

What is the highest ski resort in austria?

I think the highest skiing is at Soelden.