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Q: What size was Wayne Rooney wedding cake?
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Can you refreeze wedding cake?

That depends on the foundation of the cake, the size, the flavor, and when the cake was made.

I'm moving a wedding cake next week. What are some of the strongest cake carriers?

It depends on the size of your cake. The Wilton company makes several varieties of cake carriers based on the size of the cake.

How much wedding cake should i order?

That depends on the size of your guest list.

How big or small should a wedding cake be?

It depends on the size of your guest list.

How tall should your wedding cake be verses the cake topper?

There are no exact measurements. The wedding topper should be a few inches tall (6 inches is usually a pretty good height). The cake should meet your needs. A small wedding of 100 people might only need a cake one or 2 tiers (layers) high, while a wedding triple that size might need a cake that is 6 or 7 tiers high.

What are some popular designs for wedding cake boxes?

Large square boxes, the cake is often separated into separate boxes. Another common box is a very large box with a whole cake enclosed in it, these are less common due to the size of wedding cakes.

What does a three teir wedding cake mean?

You know how a two teir cake has one round (or square) piece of cake, and then another one same shape but smaller size on top? Well, a three teir wedding cake is the same thing except it has another piece of cake on top same shape, but smaller.

Making a wedding cake one 12 by 12 one 10 by 10 and one 8 by 8 cake How many cake mixes would be needed for each pan size?


How tall should a wedding cake be?

The price of a wedding cake depends on how large the cake is and where you are. A good base price is $1.00 to $1.50 per a serving. A cake for 100 people would cost $100 to $150, depending upon the decorations and where you are. UPDATED BY K.... These cakes are for 1980's prices! your average wedding 3 tier cake for 100 people is much more expensive in 2011. Every bakery will sell the wedding cake by the slice. to that is added the cakes difficulty level, the design intricacy's, prop rental, setup and delivery are either worked into the cake if within 20 miles radius or you could be charged extra. The average price nationwide for 2011 is $4.25 to $6.00 per slice. so for a wedding cake serving 100 people it is $425.00 to $600.00. That is for a butter cream frosted, to a fondant covered cake, both with filling. Fondant is more expensive everywhere. THIS INFO IS GENERALIZED, PLEASE CHECK INDIVIDUAL BAKERIES FOR SPECIFICS. K

What boot size is Rooney?

4 in UK

If doing a 3 tier wedding cake what size tins are used. would it be 6 8 and 10 or 8 10 or 12 . is 2 difference the correct amount?

It depends on the size of the guest list.

You are requested to lead out in the cutting of the wedding cake at a wedding reception is there any detail to follow?

There are not too many rules to follow. Usually, take a slice (reasonable size) out of the bottom tier or tier just below arm level. The bride and groom get the first slice, if they are not the ones cutting the cake themselves. It would also be nice, if you are cutting the cake for them, to wish the bride and the groom a healthy and happy marriage.