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ten inch softball

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2011-02-17 02:48:52
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Q: What size softball is used for 8 and under?
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What size ball for 8 year old softball?

we use an 11 inch ball

What size does a 8 year old use to play fast pitch softball?

What size of what? They use an 11 inch ball if that what you're asking.

What is the size of the pitching mound in softball?

The size of ball is 24" by 6". The circle of ball is 8' in radius with the center being 18" in front of the rubber.

What is the size difference between a baseball and a softball?

A major league baseball is 8 inches in circumference A 12-inch softball is 12 inches in circumference and 16-inch is 16 inches.

If a softball was thrown 40feet and 8 inches how many inches was the softball thrown?

488 inches

What are softball divisions?

divisions are age groups like 8 years and under is called 8 and under and 10 years or younger is called 10 and unders and so on.. the mainly just put 8u or 100 or 12u on papers though..

What are the dimensions of a softball mound?

Softball doesn't have a raised mound. In fast pitch softball, there is a circle with an 8 foot diameter drawn around the pitcher's plate.

What is a 8 letter sport?

Baseball, Football, Softball

What is the difference in 31 length 21 oz. -8 softball bat and 31length 21 oz -10 softball bat?

There is no such thing as a 31 length 21 oz. -8 softball bat. The -8 stands for the difference in the length and weight of the bat. Meaning..31 minus 21 will never equal 8

What levels of softball are there?

Well first you have 8 and under, then 10 and under, then 12 and under, then 14 and under, then 16 and under, then 18 and under, then high school/ travel ball and then college ball, then if ur good enough try out for the usa team or Canadian team etc...

Softball what is the distance betwwn picter and batter?

I depends on the age groups. 8 and under are at 30 feet. 10 and under are at 35 feet 12 and 14 and under are at 40 feet. 16 and under and high school and college are at 43 feet.

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