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About a 163 for freeride

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Q: What size snowboard does a 6'6 190 lb guy need?
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What size snowboard for a 5'9'' 165 Ib. guy?

I would reccomend a 156

What size snowboard should a 5'1 person buy?

It depends if you're a dude or a chick. for a guy probably like a 149 but for a chick prob like a 140

What is the name of the Movie were a guy is holding a beer while he snowboard?

Out Cold

How tall is Guy Kapulnik?

Guy Kapulnik is 190 cm.

How tall is Guy Forget?

Guy Forget is 190 cm.

Is it bad to weigh 190 pounds at 13 years of age?

Yes I weigh around 190 and I'm 5,11 and a pretty chubby guy

What size snowboard does a 6 foot tall 160 pound guy need?

Me (also 6' 00", 160lbs): 159 good for a mix of terrain. What/how do you ride? Deep powder generally likes a longer board while terrain parks tend to favor a shorter board. Shorter for quick transitions, longer for less sinking into powder.

What size snowboard does a 6 foot tall 150 pound guy have?

Depends on what you are doing. I'd say 160ish. But then again, if you are riding park (Rails, Pipe, etc) you'd want a smaller board for more control. The bigger it is, the hardest it is to fall down and the harder it is to turn.

What are baseball player Guy Cantrell's physical stats?

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What are baseball player Guy Hecker's physical stats?

Guy Hecker is 6 feet tall. He weighs 190 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What size snowboard does a 6 foot tall 210 pound guy need?

somewhere in the ballpark of 165 cm, go to your local ski shop and have them fit you for one. it should come up to your chin appx. im 5'11, but i ride a 153 cause i like a smaller board to throw around, all depends on what you like. if your not a park guy, just like to cruise, get a firmer board, if you like the park and doing tricks and stuff, get a soft board. All depends on what you like

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