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The size of a stick should be 15cm wide

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Q: What size should the head of a field hockey stick be?
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Why was the field hockey head made shorter?

Better manoeuvrability; dribbling, hitting and flicking are all easier with a smaller stick head.

What must you use to make contact with the ball in hockey?

depending if you mean field or ice hockey or even street hockey depends if you are versing a ball or a puck but i will assume you mean field. A hockey stick, shin guards and the keepers gloves are all the objets allowed to legally make contact with the ball. naturally the ball will fly up a bit and hit bodies/head but actively if is just these and really should only be the stick.

How is a cricket bat different hockey stick?

A cricket bat and a hockey stick varies in shape. A cricket bat has a short handle and a long flat head. A hockey stick has a long handle and a curves short head.

If you are hit in the head with a hockey stick what should you do?

You should get medical attention straight way as with head injuries it is difficult to diagnose long term implications.

What is a push in field hockey?

Moving the ball along the ground using a pushing movement of the stick after the stick has been placed close to the ball. When a push is made, both the ball and the head of the stick are in contact with the ground.

What are the names of the parts of a field hockey stick?

The stick consists of two main parts, the HEAD and the HANDLE. The handle is the longer part of the stick, where you hold the stick on the GRIP. The head is the hook-shaped part at the bottom, and is used to hit and flick the ball. The BACK of the stick is the rounded side, and the FRONT of the stick is the flatter side. The EDGES are the rounded edges between these sides.

How do you do a push pass in field hockey?

A simple pass, where the ball doesn't leave the stick as you drive it forward. The ball starts on the head of the stick, adjacent to your back foot, until you drive through propelling it forward.

What can a hockey helmet help you with?

They can protect your head from a hockey puck traveling in excess of 60 mph or the uncotrolled weilding of a hockey stick.

What game played with small ball and club with curved head?

Field Hockey

What are some good hockey tips you can show or tell your son?

keep his head up, keep your hands on your stick, keep the stick on the ice, don't rely on your stick for balance

What does 'stickhead' mean?

A hockey stick comprises two parts (even if all one piece) A 'Head' and a 'Handle'. The stick head is curved while the handle is straight. Stickhead is also a brand of sports gear (again, mostly for hockey practice and games.) Whether or not stickhead is a colloquial English word, I have been unable to find out. Hope this helps!

Tightening a Lacrosse stick?

When you first get a lacrosse stick,it will be very tight.But, if you look under the stick head, there will be 4 strings. Place a lacrosse ball in your stick head it should make the netting go down. Tighten the strings until the ball is sitting snugly in the stick head.

What rhymes with what should you do?

Stick your head In dog poo

Instructions on how to make a field hockey stick?

Well, first you start with a thin hockey stick base made of either wood or plastic. You can do what IHSAN did but I think it may not be of any good. They used like snap lock back stuff wrapped tight inside and like a plastic kevlar case that's the ihsan blue ice. ANYWAY the shape should be a shape like hockey stick with or without a slight curve otherwise you could curve to much and the stick could be illegal. Use a 1 dollar coin and sit it upright and roll under the curve if it rolls completely under ILLEGAL. Purchase a hockey umpires ring to see what measurement you can have for a head and shaft (slap and Tommy zone). Continue layering with plastics or if you can get hold of Kevlar or carbon or even aluminum use it as much required until stick is the feel you want continue modifying it. Careful of the stick of conduct rules no white faced sticks as umpires can confiscate any white faced sticks.

How do you apply a field hockey overgrip?

The grip should have instructions attached to it when you bought it. If it didn't, they are usually applied in the same way: * The exposed end of the grip should be quite pointy. Take this end and place the side of it against the cap at the top of the stick, so that it will unroll at an angle. * Having exposed the adhesive, put the end of the grip to the stick and begin unwinding it around the stick, in the direction of the head. Make sure it is pulled firm and tight, but not so hard that it canot be wound properly or is distorted. * As it is unwound, remove the layer protecting the adhesive so it can stick to the stick. Make sure that there is an overlap of about 2 millimetres between successive windings. * When the overgrip runs out, it should be about halfway down the stick. You should also have received a small piece of tape with the grip. Use it to secure the loose end. If you cannot find it, use a piece of insulation or cloth tape.

When was Don Head - ice hockey - born?

Don Head - ice hockey - was born in 1933.

What are 4 differences between ice hockey and lacrosse?

lacrosse uses a round ball-hockey uses a puck lacrosse is played on a field-hockey is played on ice lacrosse players wear cleats-hockey players wear skates lacrosse sticks have a head and mesh on the end-hockey sticks dont

Why are field hockey sticks curved?

The hook at the head of the stick helps with controlling the ball and allows a player to drag the ball and Indian-dribble easier. Most sticks also have a bow along the shaft; this gives extra speed to flicks, helps with dribbling and can make it easier to raise the ball with a hit.

What are the specifications of a field hockey stick?

All specifications refer to the stick in its playing form - the way you would use it on the field (with any tapes, resins, etc. applied): * The total weight of the stick must not exceed 737 grams. * The stick must be able to pass through a ring with an internal diameter of 51 millimetres. * The stick must be smooth - including after tapes or resins have been applied - with no rough or sharp parts. * The stick must be a 'J' or 'U' shape. * It must be flat on the left hand side only. * Any convex or concave deviation on the playing side must be smooth, and cannot exceed 4 millimetres in either direction. * Any rake or bow must be continuous along the length of the stick; it may be on either the back or the front, but not both; and cannot exceed 25 millimetres in depth. * The edges and nonplaying side must be rounded. * Ball speed may not exceed 98% of stick head speed (under lab test conditions). * The stick and any additions may be made of any material provided they are not dangerous and are fit for the purpose, and pending the next restriction. * Metal and metallic parts are forbidden from use in a field hockey stick.

What should you do to stop your hair falling?

Stick glue and honey on your head haha

When cradling the ball your top arm should be?

a couple inches to the head of the stick

How does Jason die?

he drowns, suffocates, got his head mashed in a wood grinder, smacked with several instruments (mallet, hockey stick, screwdriver, etc.), thrown into a lake, smashes head into docks. if hes not dead by then, we are all screwed!

How do I choose a field hockey stick?

The length of the stick is important. Make sure your stick of choice reaches your hip bone area while holding the stick upright on the ground, against the side your leg. Hockey sticks that are too long or short are uncomfortable to play with. Also make sure the stick's grip is very firm between the hands, better grip means better control of the ball. Its usually best to ask some field hockey players what kind of sticks they like and then maybe go out and try some to see if it suits you. Sticks are designed differently with many different makes like Grays, Malik, Mercian, TK, Slazenger, Dita, Gryphon and even Adidas now... If you can go to a hockey outlet and try the sticks before you buy them, then that is the best way to go as buying a hockey stick is like buying Trainers or Clothes, it all depends on how comfortable you feel with it.t depends on what you want. If you want a stick for dribbling then any lightweight stick with a good head will do fine. If you want one for flicking, aerials and so forth get a stick with curve. The more the better. However the more you have then it can become less good when dribbling. If you are a big hitter then you want a stick that is strong and durable with a good amount of curve. grays are probily the most durable of all so you might want to go for one of them. Before you buy your stick know what you want. I strongly recommend going on all the major makers: Voodoograysgryphonditamurcial When you choose your stick i very strongly recommend you go to barrington sports (just type it in on Google) As when i got my stick that website saved me a fortune!

How do you get back flip for gta4?

Hold your control stick back until your character's head is facing the ground. After, release the stick. He/she should sort him/herself out.

How long should a 12 year olds lacrosse stick be?

They should be able to put their finger at the end of the shaft (Pole) near where the head of the stick where the ball goes and have the end of the shaft in their armpit.

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