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Q: What size shoe Jennifer Williams basketball wives wears?
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How can you contact Jennifer Williams from basketball wives?


When is Jennifer Williams birthday from basketball wives?

September 17

Does Jennifer Williams on basketball wives have any children?

NO children

Is Jennifer on basketball wives a man?

lol no

Who owns flirty girls fitness?

The lady that is on the basketball wives show on vh1. Her name on the show is Jennifer. She is married to retired basketball man named Eric. She admitted it during the show that she own flirty girl fitness...

How tall is Jennifer Williams of basketball wives?

Her Birthday is September 17th. I saw it all on her Twitter Fan page and even she mentioned it on her twitter with the #virgosrule. Lol. The year unknown but my guess would be sometime between 1970-1972. ***the year she was born would be 1971, since she stated on the show that she will be turning 40.*** **She's not born in 1971, she was born in 1975, she'll be 37 this year**

Which episode of basketball wives did Jennifer introduce evelyn to chad?

seoson1 episode10

When is Jennifer birthday from basketball wives?

Her birthday is September 17th and around 1970-1972

What is the differences between basketball wives and basketball wives LA?

Basketball ball wives is from around the world and basketball wives La is just in L.A.

How tall is Jennifer Williams?

According to IMDB, she is 5' 2½" ( 1.59 meters).

What are the basketball wives zodiac signs?

What are the basketball wives zodiac signs.

When was Basketball Wives created?

Basketball Wives was created on 2010-04-11.