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In the US, there are 3 regulation pool table sizes that can be used in tournaments. These are 8 foot, oversize 8 foot, and 9 foot. The most common and most popular size is the 9 foot.

The 9 foot table has a 100 inch by 50 inch playing surface.

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Q: What size pool tables do they use in tournaments?
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What is the largest pool hall in the US?

That depends if you are measuring by area or by amount of tables. Although temporary pool hall areas are provided for tournaments that are larger, the largest pool hall in regular use in the US is Fargo Billiards in North Dakota. With 29,000 square feet for the facility, it includes 58 pool tables. Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA is slightly smaller in size, but it houses 73 tables.

What is a Jr. size pool table?

The smallest pool tables made that generally conform to regulation pool tables is the 6 foot table. This is often referred to as a junior size. Smaller sizes are generally toys, and larger sizes are in regular use, from 7 foot to 10 foot.

How big is an official pool table?

"Official" is the keyword in your question. The sanctioning body of the tournament, tour, league, etc., determines what the official equipment dimensions are. The professional pool tournaments one sees on TV are most often played on 4.5ft by 9ft tables and most pool leagues are played on 3.5ft by 7ft tables. In addition to that, there are many tours in which the professional and amateur alike compete that use 4ft by 8ft tables and/or 3.5ft by 7ft tables.

What size ball should you use for a 6ft pool table?

The ball size does not change for pool tables from 6 foot to 9 foot.. Smaller than 6 foot is generally in the "toy" category and would use a smaller ball. Purchase a standard set of pool balls, which are 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

Are there any one-handed pool tournaments?

Yes. Shooting pool one-handed is not recognized as a separate game or type of play for conventional tournaments. However, there are local pool halls that hold smal local tournaments for players that want to use their one handed skills. Becauase this is not a recognized form of play, these will be difficult to find and will require contacting the pool halls in your area.

How much chlorine do you use for pool?

This depends on the size of the pool. Generally, when you buy chlorine, it should say on the bag or box how much to use for what size pool.

What are the dimensions of a pub pool table?

Most pub pool tables are 7 foot tables. They use the same size pockets as a 9 foot table, only the play area and diamond placement is different. The play area is usually 78 by 39 inches and it has 6 inch rails.

How big is a championship pool table?

A championship pool table can vary in size depending on the venue and format. Typically for professional 9 ball tournaments the tables used are Brunswick Gold Crown and Diamond. The table size used in these tournaments are 4.5 feet x 9 feet. It is important to note that "professional" style tables tend to use Simonis cloth that has a higher thread count than the average home or bar table. The reason this is important is because it significantly increases the speed that the cue ball and object balls travel on the playing surface. However , most league tournaments (in the APA for example) tend to be played on Valley Bar Boxes and are 3.5 feet x 7 feet. These tables are more "forgiving" because the average shot typically travels a shorter distance and the pockets tend to be easier to make shots in. Professional tables have tighter pockets and a longer ledge where the rails meet the pockets. This can and typically will result in more balls hanging in the pocket. Good luck

What are the different sizes of pool tables?

Regulation size pool tables are 8 foot, oversize 8 foot, and 9 foot. The other 2 common sizes are 7 foot and 10 foot. Sizes below 7 foot are rarely built to the standards required for proper play. 12 foot tables have been built but are not for regular use.

Do they have pool tables on crouisers?

Yes. Some cruise ships and some megayachts are equipped with pool tables. They use a gimbal system to keep the table from moving in mild conditions when the ship moves.

Is sodium hypochlorite safe to use in a pool?

yes but depends on how much you put in the pool and the size the pool is

How do you fill in seams on slate pool tables?

Most billiard mechanics use beewax or a water putter.

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