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1/8", but the length is determined by the size of the bike frame.

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Q: What size of bike chains do mongoose bmx bikes have?
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What size of chains do mongoose bmx bikes have?

1/8", but the length is determined by the size of the bike frame.

What size of bike chains do mongoose 20 inch bmx bikes have?

The width is the same as for just about any single-speed bike, 1/8". The length of the chain will depend on frame size, sprocket size and chainwheel size. Chains are always bought too long and then cut to fit the actual bike.

What mongoose bmx bike is recommended for 12 year old?

All mongoose BMX bikes and pretty much all BMXes in general use 20" wheels, which makes all frames very similar in size. Get one with brakes and you should be good.

Average bike size?

The average bike size depends on who the rider will be. There is no statistic for the average sizes of bikes bought.

What size wheel mongoose bikes have?

Mongoose build both BMXes and MTBs, so they can have different sizes, with 20" and 26" being most common.

How are bikes measured?

Bikes can be measured in a few ways. The most common measurement is the tire size. For instance if you see a listing for a 20" mongoose bmx bike it means the tires are 20". another way they are measured is the height from the ground to the seat and the length from front of frame to back without parts on it

How many wholes are in a bicycle chain?

Bicycle chains are generally cut to size. But most derailer gear bikes use 114-116 link chains.

What is a 29er bikes?

A 29er is basically a MTB built around the same rim size as a 28"(622 mm) road bike - the common size for adult bikes.

What size bike should a 5' 1 person buy?

For a road bike, a 17" or 43cm frame is a good starting point to try for size. A medium 21" or 54cm frame is probably too large to fit you correctly. For a mountain bike, subtract 2" or 5cm from the size given for road bikes. Try the bikes out for size before you buy!

What is the chain length of pulsar bike?

No way to tell, as it will be different depending on bike size and sprocket tooth count. Bike chains are always sold overly long and are then cut to size.

How much gas dose a dirt bike need?

depends on the size of the bike...... my yz 250f holds about 25l when full.... bigger bikes hold more and visaversa for smaller bikes..

What bikes can you ride at 17?

If you're asking about human-powered bikes, then you can whatever bike that fits your size. If you're asking about motorbikes you're in the wrong category.

What is the difference between 100cc and 200cc relating to bikes?

The term 100cc and 200cc refers to the displacement (size) of the bike's engine and in turn horsepower. A 100 cubic centemeter bike's engine is half the size of a 200 cc bikes engine. How fast you wanna go? Good luck!

Is it Important to look into bike sizes when buying single speed bikes?

Yes, definitely size is a factor in selecting single speed bikes. These must be in accordance with your weight and height. Bike sizes vary from one user to the other. Don't ever buy a bike without trying it. In that way, you can be assured that it is the right bike for you. You test ride it and also see if the bike fits your body size and weight. Some people look too big on a small bike so you have to test it to see if it is appropriate for you. Buying without test riding these single speed bikes is the greatest mistake one can make in purchasing bikes. You may know what size fits you but different models have different size-fits so there is a need to try out before you commit to buying it.

How do you find the right size triathlon bike?

The best way is to go to a Bike Store that sells Triathlon Specific Bikes and be fitted with your bike purchase. Be sure the fitting is included with the purchase.

How do you get your chain size for pocket bikes?

To find a replacement chain for my pocket bike, I need to know what to measure.

What is dirt bikes top speed?

Well it really depends on what size of dirt bike you get. For example: if you get a 50cc bike it will mabe go 20mph, but if you get a 450 it could go from 50 to 60 mph. so to get a definite answer go to your dirt bike companies website, and look at the bikes facts.

How are bikes for ladies different from bikes for men?

A woman's bike traditionally did not have the horizontal crossbar that was present on a man's bike. This was due to modesty and the fact that women wore dresses. Today however, many women are riding the same bikes as men. Another difference is that a woman's bike usually has a smaller frame size because women on average are not as tall as men.

What size of chain guide is recommended for adult bikes?

Typically the size of a chain on an adult bike should be one 16th of an inch or less. It is recommended to replace the chain on your bike if it exceeds one 16th of an inch.

What is the biggest size for a BMX bike?

BMX bikes are being manufactured in 26" and even as large as 700C (28")

What is the top speed of bikes in motocross racing?

the speed depends on how well tuned the bike is and also the size of the engine.

In freestyle bmx riding what size bike is used by the pros?

Pretty much all BMX bikes are the same size - 20 inch wheels.

What size bike 5'10?

Hi there, The best thing to do is shop around for the best bike. Bikes are suited to different factors of your body and riding style.

Does it matter how big is the chaine for a bmx bike?

There are two measurements to a chain, width and length. Most BMX use what's known as an 1/8" chain. Length, sometimes given in no of links will vary from bike to bike. If two otherwise identical bikes are set up with different sprockets and drivers they will need different chain lengths. Bike chains are always sold too long, and then cut to size. On top of that chains stretch, so the same number of links in a worn chain won't be the same as that number of links from a new chain.

How big is a mongoose?

A mongoose is about the size of a fox.

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